Another World War for Water ?

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No doubt about it there will be a third world war for " WATER ".Potable water scarcity is rising day by day.Developed countries depends on new technologies as they can afford it financially.Developing countries cannot afford it due to rising population , lack of Infrastructure and hurdles in implementation of development schemes by politicians as a result of corruption.

One side the population in the blue planet is raising tremendously and the other side we are polluting the fresh water which is only 2.5% out of all rest of the saline waters.

Desalination technologies are helping the rich countries to a great extent for recycling of saline water.However non-renewable energies are utilised in any advanced technologies.Utilisation of renewable energies for such water treatment processes will considerably prevent the fresh water depletion.

People who migrate to warm climate spend more water and due to global warming polar ice caps started melting which will have a big impact in depletion of fresh water in earth.

Water usage in households must be limited only to our needs.There is everything for everyone's need but nothing for everyone's greed,but we have already exceeded our limit even for our needs.

Saving Water is an Individual responsibility of every men on earth.Rain water harvesting , Waste water recycling , Advanced water treatment technologies  like desalination using renewable energy are some of the control measures to be adopted by every country.   



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