Apple is setting Double Security for iCloud

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Apple is setting Double Security for iCloud

It’s good to hear that apple is so fast to react on the recent most discussed topics about celebrity nude photo hack. This incident turns their head around. I also shocked. Why people will interfere with our privacy. If the gadget is costly and having many features to keep store our memorable moment for ourselves only, then what’s about safety, that all the privacy will remain in privacy only.

So the most trusted and successful gadget company Apple took the challenge and setting a new security system for logging first time into an account, changing an account password or restoring iCloud data to a new device. There will be two-factor authentication to access or do anything with the account and iCloud store. One is password and other will be OTP (one time password) or a long access key for signing and changing devices.

The iPhone company is too much aggressive to encourage people to turn on the “Two factor Authentication” in their new version of iOS. It will be like just withdrawing money from an ATM, where we use two types of authentications. One is ‘Debit Card’ and another authentication is the ‘Pin’ number.

I know many people like me, don’t want to bother extra hassle, but it should be the best for our security of privacy life.

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