Apple's Big Announcement: Meet The Apple Watch

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Tonight Apple will be announcing a new line-up of products rumored to have the featured Iphone 6, Iphone Plus, as well as the Apple Watch, which will kick Apple right into the market for smartphone watches.

Having Apple kick off a new smartphone watch will be a game changer for Apple. Tim Cook has made it clear that he wants Apple to emphasize on health and fitness, and the Apple Watch comes preloaded with a fitness app and a workout app. The Apple Watch will start at $349 and also work with Apple Pay, which will be supported by major banks, restaurants and retailers. While Apple Pay will be rolling out in October, the Apple Watch won't be available until the beginning of next year.

Tim Cook said the Apple Watch will be charged with a wireless charger attached via magnet, and he said the Apple Watch will help us "live a better day." Apple continues to bring out innovating products that change our lives in so many ways. With a new iOS8 right around the corner, I'm eager to see what Apple has planned with that as well. What are your thoughts on Apple?

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