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Stop Pc from HangingThere are many reasons when your PC becomes unresponsive or Hang. When Application hung, and system freezes saying not responding then in that situation you have only one option left with you, which is restarting the system. When your system hangs or application is not responding, you get a pop-up to End Now, However, after clicking on End Now, Windows most often fails to close the application or takes too much time.

To handle such a problem, there is a best way of dealing with such task in Windows.

Fix: When your System hangs or application hangs, Simply Open Task Manager PressCtrl + Alt +Delete Or Ctrl + Shift + Esc. Now as you can see in below image, Internet Explorer is not responding. Right-Click on the application or the task and go to process tab. Now just click on End Process to kill iexplorer Process (iexplorer process refers to internet explorer application.) Click On Yes And Done, Back To Normal.

Stop Pc from HangingStop Pc from Hanging

In case, Windows explorer hangs, kill explorer.exe, you might see your desktop is blank where in the start menu and task bar are invisible. Now open Run command, Type explorer.exe and Enter. You will see system is back to normal and desktop restored back to normal. In Case, If your System completely hangs i.e. PC is not responding to any command, then there is no option except restart your computer.

In my next post, I will explain how to prevent virus from entering the system manually and also how to Delete virus manually requested by many readers.

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