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Computers are used in almost every field. Nowadays, computers have become so important for us that it is impossible to perform many tasks without them.

COMPUTER IN DIFFERENT FIELDS. ( IN OFFICES ). Computers are used for typing and printing documents in offices. Computers are used for maintaining records.

AT HOME. Computers are used at home for playing games, watching movies, writing letters and notes, listening to music, saving contacts, gathering information through Internet on any topic and doing video and audio chats.

IN SCHOOLS. Computers are used in schools for preparing lessons, teaching different subjects and preparing report cards by teachers. They are also used to maintain record of students, time tables and examination record.

IN BANKS. We used computers at banks to keep record of account holders. ATM (Automatic Teller Machine) facility is also provided with the help of computers.

TRANSPORTATION. We use computers at Airports, Railway stations and at bus stations for ticketing, booking and maintaining schedules.

ENGINEERING AND SCIENCE. Computers are used by engineers, scientists and doctors to help themselves. We also use computers to forecast weather.

INDUSTRY. Today’s industry depends upon computer. Most of the new machines are linked with a computer. Computer controls these machines and increases the production of goods and maintains quality.

IN MAKING MOVIES & CARTOONS. In the past, making animation was a difficult task. Each picture in the sequence had to be drawn by hand. Computers have made it really easy to make cartoon films and animations. Today, we can also create any kind of environment like fire, forest, sea and whatever we want.

IN LIBRARIES. Computers are used in libraries to keep record of members and books. They are used to keep track of issued books. We also use computer to read electronic books.

IN HOSPITALS. Computers are used in hospitals and medical laboratories. Computers are used to maintain record of patients for future reference. Computerized equipments are used for medical tests, surgeries, and monitoring the condition of patients.

PRINTING BOOKS. We used computers to type, to design and to proofread the books before the printing of books. Printers also provide help to print small number of books.

 IN SHOPS. Computers are used in shops for maintaining records of stocks and prices of different goods. Computers are also used for preparing bills.

MACHINES CONTROLLED BY COMPUTERS. Computers are used to control different machines, e.g. robots. Robots are used in almost every field.

IN HOTELS. Computers are used in hotels to prepare bills and keep records of occupied, reserved and available rooms.








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