Are Ghosts Real?

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 Are Ghosts Real?

Ghosts are believed to be the spirit of those who once lived with us. They sometimes appear out of nowhere; in the bedroom, in the kitchen, in the living room, in the toilet and anywhere they wished to appear. Their appearances are somewhat translucent. Sometimes nearly invisible, and sometimes, they look like they’re really there, like another human being.

Ghosts are believed to haunt the place where they died. They appear to those who they are associated with. Most of the time, their faces are blurred which prevents us to see it. But sometimes, they show it and most often than not, their faces are pained, sad, disturbed.

It is believed that they appear to those who they’re asking for help. These ghosts were the ones who got killed. They left clues and messages for us to know who killed them, and where their bodies are hidden. And sometimes, they appear just to let us know that they exist.

But the question is— are ghosts real?

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