Are Juices Beneficial For Kids? (PART 1)

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Some mothers don't let their kids take juices because some doctors say that juices does not contain all the nutrition of the fruit. But the question here is what the latest medical science say about that?

Dr Diana is a nutrition expert from US & She says that the 100% pure fruit juices are full of nutrition because they contain all the necessary nutrition matter like Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Potassium & Magnesium. Some companies even add Vitamin D & Calcium to their Juice products.
She further states that the kids must have all the above mentioned vitamins and nutrition elements in their diet. The kid who doesn't eat fruits, specially the sweeter ones, lack all these elements in his diet & that will have a negative effect on the kid's health. Some kids even does not like much of vegetables as their diet, and in the end, all we are left with to provide them with essential nutrition elements is Juices.

Remember, a kid should have at least 2-3 fruits on daily basis. If some kid does not take few fruits in his routine diet then 118 millilitre juice can provide him the required nutrition. Hence, for such kids, Fruit Juice is nothing less than a blessing. Researches in the past has shown that the kids who take juices as a part of their routine diet grow up healthier than the kids who does not take Juices or eat fruits.

It also has two more benefits. First, In today's fast life some kids does not have enough time to sit at ease and eat fruits. Second, some kids find it difficult to peel or cut fruits. Such kids can get the required nutrition by having fruit juices.


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