Are Mermaids Real?

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I am a fan of Ariel, the mermaid who was in love with a human being and had wished to become human herself as well. But that is a fiction story however, I had this feeling before that I believe in mermaids, I believe that they exists and I don’t need a proof to get that belief up but just recently, I had just seen some proofs about it and I am glad that I have seen these ones because they would prove to those unbelievers out that that this creature really exists.

Ever wonder how different countries from way long long ago, thousands of years ago had already an image of these creatures and how they look like? Those images had been the same, almost look alike and this happened even before these countries and cultures had communications so I believe that each of these culture and countries had seen one or more mermaids.

I just want to share these videos which states and proves that mermaids do exist. Check them out.

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