Are women better parents then men?

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A question that roams in many people's minds. Even children talk about it. They play truth and dare games, and if one chooses truth, the main, in fact the hardest question to be asked is, "Who do you like more? Your father or your mother?" and the answer would always be, "Both!".

As the title suggests, who is better? I will start off with men. Men are intellectual. This benefits children as children need intellectual stimulation. Men have responsibilities as they are the one who earn and educate the children. For male children, he is a role model and a teacher, for female children, he is the shade on whom they rely. He is a sort of a leader of the pride, just like lions. He is the one who looks after the requirments of children.

Now I will mention about women. Women, or should I say mothers, is someone without whom the children canot live. She is the one who provides moral and spiritual support, more often, she is the one who provides tasty food!! Mothers have a high importance. They are the one who provide mutual love to their children, and make them happy when they are dipressed. Dependancy on mothers has high esteem. Their degree is high as the sky in many religion. In Islam it says "if you want to find heaven, it is beneath your mother's feet" this shows how important mother is.

So, the queation is, are women better parents than men? I suppose yes, because mothers love and gratitute is 2nd, after that of God. Mothers are the one with whome the highest feelings are shared. Children depend on her in many ways. They find the pure love in her heart. Their attachment towards eachother is unmatched and unbreakable. 

Although fathers are as important but the attachment children have with theirr mothers is un reachable. 

So, every parent has his or her importance and without any of them, the children cannot prosper or have a normal life. 

written by Haider Khan

Student of Olevels

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