Are Women The Weaker Sex?

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A spontaneous reply, females physically appear much weaker gender when balanced with men’s physical structure of muscles and size.  Wait. Is a man capable of birth?  A woman bares all the pain to give birth to a child, the most sacred episode life can present.  Call for special mention, needs intense physical strength and endurance to give birth.

 Laws are drafted to protect the weaker section of society. True.  But the stronger section, the men are they strong enough to control the unlawful act done by them.  Crimes committed by men are much on a higher scale than the weaker females.

Women are capable of working and showing the same amount of intelligence and skills men theoretically possess. The world witnessed women like the most fearless pirate, the lady who discovered what our universe was made of.

Women's involvement towards society can’t be taken for granted.  Indian female contributor like Sarojini Naidu, Kalpana Chawla, Asima Chatterjee, Harita Kaur Deol, Kiran Bedi to name a just a handful proved  in no way less capable their worth.

In the animal world too, the tigress makes all the aggression to hunt for food to survive and the male counterpart is just lazy brats.  Before reaching any biased conclusion, foremost put your thoughts who really triumphs.

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