Are you and your company in the World of Avatars? If not you better get moving on bitLanders!

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The World of Avatars is a parallel world of new ideas and opportunities, a new market for companies and a new society for people. James Cameron directed the movie Avatar as his interpretation of this world, but this same world has many different perspectives in our daily life and access to many different universes.



bitLanders embraces the World of Avatars from an Italian design perspective and a New York business perspective, with a dedicated strategy to new frontiers within and outside of the USA, including Indonesia, Pakistan, Mexico, Afghanistan and Vietnam.




Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ convinced billions of people to post their personal information and pictures. Those social networks monetized the users' privacy without sharing revenues. Our mission is diametrically the opposite, offering each user an opportunity to express her/his creativity, maintain privacy, and benefit from the financial reward generated by their content.


If you or your company doesn't have an Avatar, Digital Properties and Digital Currencies, you are missing the World of Avatars, and you better get to work. You are welcome to join bitLanders and take the first step in our Ecosystem by enjoying the benefits of this new society and business model.


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