Are you chasing after Bitlanders rankings or earnings?

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 Are you chasing after Bitlanders rankings or earnings?

When Chasing after the #1 position on the leaderboard of Bitlanders,  to a newbie it may seem impossible, and to all the individuals that have tasted that position, it is intoxicating!

For a goal-oriented person(s), pressing onto higher grounds is their priority, but are you chasing after #1 position or are you chasing earnings?. To earn more and become #1 on Bitlanders leaderboard, perseverance, relentless, focus, steadfast and sleepless nights is involved to achieve and maintain it.

 Are you interested in earning more, or ranking #1 on Bitlanders? These are a few tips on how to go about it

Daily quest and updating all categories is not enough!

Daily quest and updating all categories on Bitlanders is not enough, you need to self-discover what makes you successful and stick to it.

A few weeks ago, I noticed that as my blog post submission increased, so also did my position on the leaderboard and earnings.


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That’s when I realized to survive the competition and become #1 on Bitlanders, blog submission is the key!

Blog Posts rated 4 stars and above increase BaseBuzz faster. Therefore getting better ranking begins with blog post submission.

If you are contented with earning $10 dollar in 3 months, then this blog post is not for you. But if you are willing to earn like Jean Beltran, Sharon-Lopez, Artgirl, Asad_Munib, then I really suggest you keep reading and make sure you update your game.

First comes the basics on Bitlanders

To chase after #1 position on Bitlanders and earn like Jean Beltran, Sharon-Lopez is a noble endeavour. To do this, understanding the basics of BaseBuzz is the key. I honestly don’t know how the BaseBuzz is calculated, but Micky-the-slanted-Salerno has outlined how it is done in clear terms.

Let’s shift our attention to what I call the gifts for chasing after Bitlanders rankings and earnings.

The gift for chasing your dreams on Bitlanders

When you first joined Bitlanders, you were giving three blog submissions for free. This is the GIFT. This is your welcome present. This is your start-up capital for chasing ranking and earnings.  The business free capital for every new member on Bitlanders.


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These gifts are also known as GEMS. GEMS are like bloodstream on Bitlanders. Every blog submitted and reviewed comes with some extra GEMS to further advance your quest for ranking and earning better.

Grow a network of subscribers

Success on Bitlanders is not a lonely road, not an individual quest, but a collective endeavour.  It literally begins with you when you subscribe to people.

Establish a network of like-minded individuals called subscribers, give buzz and get buzzed.


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A quite number of successful individuals on Bitlanders have an enormous number of subscribers; I strongly recommend you do the same!

In an attempt to rank between position #1 and #30 subscribe to as many people as possible and give buzz.

Submitting a blog, another major boost in ranking and earning

Inviting friends and accomplishing some of your daily quests, is a good way of getting ranked and earning on Bitlanders.

However, to earn big, start creating and submitting blog posts. To submit a blog post, you need GEMS. The initial 3 free submission of the blog post is your free capital for starting a business on Bitlanders.

It is Ms Hillary duties to read and rank your blogs. Write quality content with appropriate images and videos, get 5 stars rating. For this, your GEMS are returned with extra bonuses as +25 buzz for five days will also be awarded to you.


image credits: Docxdrl via Bitalnders 

Awesome isn’t it?

At the moment, creating high-quality blog post is difficult for many (with me inclusive) but striving to create a quality content is the key to higher rankings and earnings on Bitlanders.

Should you be chasing rankings or earnings on Bitlanders?

It is ironic to think that rankings and earnings do not go hand-in-hand on Bitlanders. To chase after rankings is to chase after earnings. The lower your integer number, the better your rank on the leaderboard and the more your chances of earning more.

video credits Evan Carmichael via Youtube

It does matter that you focus on increasing your baseBuzz and earning more rewards, by

Uploading and submitting quality content.

By subscribing to others and getting subscribed back

Inviting friends to join Bitlanders

Earn daily buzz bonuses

Buying avatar accessories.

Success comes with commitment, therefore, chasing after Bitlanders ranking to a lower integer, will definitely increase your earnings.

So when deciding to chase after rankings on the leaderboard, you are chasing after better earnings.


There is not much difference between chasing after Bitlanders ranking on the leaderboard and chasing after earning. The more earnings you get per day, the better your rankings on the leaderboard.

If you love to earn more, you rank better. If you rank better, you earn more. Jean Beltran, Sharon-Lopez, Artgirl, Asad_Munib have made that possible for us to understand this simplicity. All you need is follow and stick to advise.


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