Are you good at complaining?

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I am really bad at having to complain about something. This is despite me having to deal with people complaining in one of my jobs, and quite frankly some of the reasons are plain stupid - someone complained a knife was sharp once!?!

My new sofas that we had earlier this year though have really started to bug me. For a start one of the buttons has popped off. We have insurance cover on it for this so that is ok it can be fixed by them. Plus one of the things we had paid extra for to make it easy to pull along carpet fell off - it is not much more than a piece of plastic on a sticker.

When it was delivered it had a strange mark on one of the single chairs and I thought it was just in the fabric. It shows up much worse under artificial light and bugs me when I see it.

But now, I have had to clean the seat as I got a tiny bit of chocolate on it (honestly, I thought the children would be the ones to wreck it not me!) I used a white cloth and a tiny amount of water and no chemicals to get rid of it, but it has left this big watermark in the seat! We even had it coated with Scotchguard to prevent it from being ruined by stains, but quite frankly I am angry if it doesn't protect it against plain water! My partner turned the cushion over when I was away and I forgot about it, then the same thing happened when I dropped chocolate on it again (you'd have thought I'd have learnt!)

So now we have a big watermark on the seat and it makes it look like someone has weed on it. I know they haven't! It makes me wonder if that weird mark on the single seat was water spilt on it, although I know it was not us as it has been there since the day we got it. But I am going to have to complain to the company. I am not looking forward to it!


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