Are you Marmaduke Dot Com?

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Behold my latest nonsensical film: 'Are You Marmaduke Dot Com?' It's a mixture of madness, Los Angeles, everyone's favorite cartoon dog, and a little bit of Kafka, sort of. Imagine 'The Metamorphosis' but instead of a man turning into a giant dung beetle, instead he turns into...Marmaduke....But it's all in his head. Or is it?

'Are You Marmaduke Dot Com?' is the third in my very loose trilogy of films that I consider 'Heat Horrors.' The other two are 'The Apple Sauce Diaries' and 'A Serious Stare Produces Results.' They are a trilogy in theme only (and with some re-occuring actors) and the theme they explore is, well, a loose one as well. At the core of it, these films are responses to the madness I see on a day to day basis here in Los Angeles. The heat brings out the best in some people I suppose, but mostly I see the worst. Crazy street stragglers, drug addled and dippy youths scuttling about, and unbelievably old people walking around slowly in heat so thick it feels at times like porridge, to name a few of my LA sights...

Okay, okay, so you don't really get any of that from, say, a film about Marmaduke, but honestly that's the deep mental wellspring from which such seemingly silly ideas do stem from. Though, yes, on the other hand, I think the word 'Marmaduke' is as funny as 'marmaduke' the comic isn't, so naturally I thought a short film in which someone says it, repeatedly, as much as possible, would be utterly hysterical in ways which I couldn't even clearly rationalize to you now with these words. 

And as for the end credits Vangelis music straight from 'Blade Runner,' well, what can I say? The electronic beat of the song fit me saying Marmaduke over and over and over and over again perfectly, don't you think so?

I do! Maybe you will too...So, sit back, and enjoy some MADDENING MARMADUKE MOVIE STUFF, yes!

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