Are you ready to be happy yet?

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Are you ready to be happy yet?

That person come to me just as charming, just as fate, just as we would pay creditors by the sincerity of his feelings.


Those who are both precise definition of "happiness". But can feel it, it is not very difficult.

Every waking up early, catch the first rays of dawn, listening ear is the sound of chirping baby birds perched on the branches of trees on the balcony, listening ear is lively voice chat is full of people running up and down for a living; smell the faint aroma of the food that the mother has to cook for lunch or feel a life filled with new and ready for the day - It is happiness!

Do not think that happiness can only be known as a guy / girl with a certain taste, and they held hands throughout the path of love, shuffle the shops or chat throughout the night; can only be happy when sided love was kindled in the heart of the enemy to accept when we boldly expressed. Or happiness is the same people are willing to spend the rest of his life took.

  "Marriage Certificate" on hand, marital status no longer "Single" again.

Yes, there is happiness. But there are many more happy around there.

Happiness really simple, not too complicated that we have to go looking for it.

Happiness can be when, watching the tiny buds blooming colorful flowers; can be happy when we listen to our favorite music, or the timeless music that has not heard the term; can be happy when I read the article peer sharing, the comic page, the prose suit all moods themselves at just that moment. It's happiness, a feeling creeps in my heart that you did not know!

Happiness can also be times when we bugged conversations of neighbors around, heard them arguing about a truism that no one is in favor of anyone, we laughed !. Happiness can also be chatting with a neighbor on the day job, food or about the education of their children. Happiness is to be acquainted with many new friends with the same thoughts, the same interests, the same life perspective. Happiness is when the same friends for a long time not having to share each other's lives, the vibration of teenage or simply hug after the date of nostalgia is not met. Hay can also be happy, grateful smiles look when we help those who are disadvantaged, those unfortunate people, poor people and respectful.

Happy to hear that such a simple star. How's that close!


Happiness can also wake up every morning, still see the color of the familiar room, still soft bed for so long, or why blame mother staying up late and woke up late. Happiness is also possible to hear the laughter of kids running into the next, the kid's uncle visited or heard laughter of those who teased his sister. Happiness is also being doing what I like to enjoy the holidays incredibly refreshing.

Happiness near side alone, but seek not to charge the remote costs offline!

Happiness is present in all the love. For someone to love, to share love and do not mind getting back.

Happiness is a miraculous medicine for us to create tension filled life in the chest.

Happiness is the moment parents received child was born, seeing the toddler's first steps, to speak the language babble babble lovely. Happiness is when parents see children reap success and saw the rise not faltered after these failures. Happy parents, is happy to see his son.

The vibration of youth is a form of happiness. Happy feelings so long as the opponent accepted. Happy when exchanging love messages, words of encouragement concerned, the story begins with the question: Today's Kids / him how ?. Or just saying I / I miss you / me, that was enough for the enemy of happiness after the fatigue of work. Happy whisper to each other when the shy kind words, hugs or jealousy suddenly lovely sulking from the enemy. Happy to see the efforts of the enemy as yourself, for love and for the future of both the immediate future. Happy to be given a ring to propose the simple but sincere Bluebird. Happy is when the person you love building a married life together to overcome difficulties turbulent life brings.

But my friend, sometimes, love is not simple even a happy ending like that. Sometimes, there are separations occur in the years of youth, there are words cut callous fantasies about the beautiful future or careless actions, broke all the efforts of both during the time together. But even then, we still do not give you offline. Then once failure is a lesson for myself. After a separation brings no description Nostalgic feelings. After a time the tears fall, will bring a stronger than ever.

So, do not hesitate to ask, my friend !. Because youth sometimes have downs notes, there are love songs agitated.

Those who pass through our lives, must have as charming. Why not go find out what this charm? There are people who just accidentally walked one, giving us emotions suddenly. There are people who just stop bit, like stopping at stops to rest their legs hard journey. But there are those who, in their store footprints in our lives, giving us emotions diversified. And also a person, leaving footprints, mud stains from many failures, many unforgettable emotions difficult to describe, and that as to the signature mark of his ownership. That person come to me just as charming, just as fate, just as we would pay creditors by the sincerity of his feelings.

Happiness experienced in dreams spill into ...

In this infinite life or in every corner of the roads are happy presence. Happiness comes to those who dare to love and ready to love!

So, you ready?

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