Are you the Romantic type of Guy?

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Just a question which I had seen in one of the sites somewhere today. So I wonder, what does it take to be a romantic guy? How can someone be considered romantic?

As per Miss Merriam-Wester, the word romantic is an adjective which means thinking about love and doing and saying things to show that you love someone.

Alright then so this word can only be said if a person is doing something in the name of love. An action done by a boy can definitely be romantic if the other party is feeling the same way towards the guy. That's the situation if they are in a relationship or if the guy is still courting and the girl is slowly falling into the trap, I mean falling in love with him as well.

Now, can romantic be described if the people involved don't have mutual feelings to each other? And so I wonder, can this be dependent to a girl's perspective of the word as well? Some girls or let's say ladies would receive romantic notes or deeds from the guy who loves her but somehow, the lady is not even feeling the same way so would this even be considered romantic?

What do you think?

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