"Argo" Wins Best Picture at Houston Film Critics' Society Awards

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When the Houston Film Critics' Society announced their nominees for their annual awards last December, "Lincoln" led the pack with eight nominations. 

But when the winners were announced this weekend, Ben Affleck's "Argo" emerged as the big winner! "Lincoln" took home the Best Actor (Daniel Day-Lewis), Best Supporting Actor (Tommy Lee Jones), and Best Screenplay prizes (Tony Kushner). 

Here's the full list of winners of the Houston Film Critics Society Awards. For winners/nominees of other award-giving bodies this season, click here:

Best Picture
*** "Argo"
"Beasts of the Southern Wild"
"Cloud Atlas"
"Django Unchained"
"The Master"
"Les Miserables"
"Moonrise Kingdom"
"Silver Linings Playbook"
"Zero Dark Thirty" 

Best Director
*** Ben Affleck, "Argo"
Quentin Tarantino, "Django Unchained"
Steven Spielberg, "Lincoln"
Tom Hooper, "Les Miserables"
Kathryn Bigelow, "Zero Dark Thirty"

Best Actor
*** Daniel Day-Lewis, "Lincoln"
John Hawkes, "The Sessions"
Hugh Jackman, "Les Miserables"
Joaquin Phoenix, "The Master"
Denzel Washington, "Flight" 

Best Actress
Jessica Chastain, "Zero Dark Thirty"
*** Jennifer Lawrence, "Silver Linings Playbook"
Emmanuelle Riva, "Amour"
Quvenzhane Wallis, "Beasts of the Southern Wild"
Naomi Watts, "The Impossible"

Best Supporting Actor
Alan Arkin, "Argo"
Javier Bardem, "Skyfall"
Phillip Seymour Hoffman, "The Master"
*** Tommy Lee Jones, "Lincoln"
Matthew McConaughey, "Magic Mike" 

Best Supporting Actress
Amy Adams, "The Master"
Judi Dench, "Skyfall"
Sally Field, "Lincoln"
*** Anne Hathaway, "Les Miserables"
Helen Hunt, "The Sessions" 

Best Screenplay
*** "Lincoln"
"Silver Linings Playbook"
"Zero Dark Thirty" 

Best Cinematography
"Life of Pi"
"The Master"
"Les Miserables"
*** "Skyfall" 

Best Original Score
"Beasts of the Southern Wild"
*** "Cloud Atlas"
"Life of Pi"
"The Master"

Best Original Song
*** “Skyfall,” "Skyfall"
“Suddenly,” "Les Miserables"
“Song of the Lonely Mountain,” "The Hobbit"
“Learn Me Right,” "Brave"
“Touch the Sky,” "Brave" 

Best Foreign Language Film
"The Intouchables"
*** "Holy Motors"
"A Royal Affair"
"Rust and Bone" 

Best Animated Film
"Rise of the Guardians"
*** "Wreck-It Ralph"

Worst Film of 2012
"Anna Karenina"
*** "That’s My Boy"
"The Three Stooges"

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