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Those who are reading my blog for the first time, let me inform you that I have started a series of blog writing and my topic is writing a review on the famous TV SeriesArrow”. I am watching daily one episode of this particular TV Series and then writing a review on it. Basically, I have started with season three because I have already watched its previous two seasons a few weeks ago and summarized those two seasons in my previous blog. If you have not read that blog then read it first so that you could have a better idea of my article. To read my previous blog click on Arrow Season Three Episode one ( Review ).

Now I would like to continue my work by writing the second review of the second episode of this season. So without wasting any time, let us jump to our main article.

First Episode – Short Review

In the previous episode, Oliver Queen which is performed by Stephen Amell was facing some family issues as well as relationship issues. He had a dinner with Felicity Smoak performed by Emily Bett Rickards and proposed her but still, he was not able to continue that relationship just because of his own fears. His partner Mr. Diggle performed by David Ramsey was now a father. Team Arrow managed to capture the man who called himself Vertigo and in the end, Sara Lance performed by Caity Lotz was killed by an unknown archer. The suspense at the end of the first episode was just awesome and I was desperately waiting to watch the second episode which I did today and now I am going to review it.


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The Second Episode Begins – Brief Review

The second episode begins where first was ended. Laurel Lance performed by Katie Cassidy did not know where to take her dead sister’s body so she brought it to Verdant where Team Arrow has its headquarter. Everyone was shocked and crying after Sara’s death. Laurel was out of control and she wanted to kill her murderer before he tells her death to her father. Oliver Queen promised her that he would find her murderer and kill him.


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Oliver Queen’s Visions – Critical Review

The visions of Oliver Queen are another part of the season. They are continued with the actual storyline. Actually, his visions are from the past five years which he spent away from his home and the memories of those years come to his mind time to time. He remembered that the A.R.G.U.S wanted a special task to be done by him which he was somehow willing to do. It was a target kill and his target was his friend Tommy Merlyn performed by Colin Donnell. When he saw this, he was shocked because he cannot kill his own friend. At that time, Maseo Yamashiro/Sarab performed by Karl Yune told him that the email he tried to send, somehow came in the knowledge of your friend and he is here looking for you and Amanda Waller performed by Cynthia Addai-Robinson wants to get rid of him in one way or another.


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So Oliver Queen played a trick on him by kidnapping him and telling him that Oliver Queen is dead and I have hacked his account to so that he can bring someone from Queen’s family and ask them for money but instead you came and now I will ask your father to give him money. He was very afraid. Oliver Queen’s Chinese friend played the role of Hong Kong police and set him free. In this way, Tommy went home and Oliver Queen was saved from killing his own friend.


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Sara’s Death and Revenge – Episode Review

Sara died and everyone in the Team Arrow was searching for the killer. They put her body in the cold room and started the hunt for the killer. They came to know that one member of the League of Assassins was in the Starling City and he is targeting specific people. Somehow, they managed to capture him and Laurel was about to kill him but she had no bullets in her gun which were taken out by Oliver Queen. Later on, they came to know that he was not the guy who murdered Sara.


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This episode was very emotional because of the death of Sara. Laurel tried to tell her father about the death of her daughter but she was not able to do that because she has no courage to do that. On the other hand, Roy performed by Colton Haynes was worried about Thea Queen performed by Willa Holland. Thea Queen is the sister of Oliver Queen and a girlfriend of Roy who left the city in the last episode of the second season and she did not tell anyone that she was going with her original father, Malcolm Merlyn performed by John Barrowman. Yes, Malcolm Merlyn is alive and she is the father of Thea Queen. Oliver decided to find Thea Queen and so did Roy.


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Ending – My Critical Review

In the ending, Thea Queen was with her father and she was learning fighting skills. I think they were in Nanda Parbat where her father learned those archery skills and fighting skills and now he was teaching his daughter. Thea Queen did not even reply a single text or voice message of Oliver Queen which was a really bad thing because they all were worried. At least she should have informed them that she is alive and happy but she did not bother to do so. Anyways, the episode was very epic overall.


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The storyline and the graphics were awesome as usual. Background music was not good in this episode because it was very sad throughout but I cannot deny the fact that sad music was the requirement of this episode because of the death of Sara. And one more thing, I forgot to mention is that Sara was buried and she had a proper burial by her friends and her sister but still her parents do not know that she is dead.


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 This is the end of this episode but not the end of this season. I have promised a thrilling blogging series so I will be back soon with another review.


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