Artemisinin , grass that kills 98% of cancer cells in only 16 hours.

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Artemisinin , grass that kills 98% of cancer cells in only 16 hours.

Artemisinin , an incredible plant! A series of studies published in "Science of Life" , artemisinin , the " Sweet vermouth " derivative " Artemisia Annua of " used in Chinese herbology for over 2000 years , would reduce cancer cells lung up to 28%And combined with iron, this incredible plant what artemisinin kills 98% of cancer cells in only 16 hours. The artémisinime selectively attack the "bad" cells without affecting healthy tissue.


Antimalarial remedy

Already recognized as a powerful antimalarial remedy against fever and his oldest use made ​​in writing contained in a text called : Recipes for fifty-two diseases ( traditional Chinese:五十 二 病 方; pinyin: Wǔshí'èr Bìngfāng ) dating 168 BC. BC and discovered , among other texts features 283 different medical treatments, in a tomb updated on the site of Mawangdui

"In general, our results show that artemisinin stops the transcription factor ' E2F1 ' and is involved in the destruction of lung cancer cells , which means that this transcription means where in the control grass growth cancer cells from reproducing , " Do we said in the conclusion of research conducted in the laboratory of cancer at the University of California.



A large study

The Journal of Life Sciences presented a study from the University of Washington , led by Dr. Henry Lai and Singh Narenda . So far this is the largest study  one on artemisinin in the United States .

Artemisinin has proven

Using a radiation resistant natural radiation of breast cancer cells (which also had a high propensity to accumulate iron) , artemisinin has proven itself with a rate of 75 % destruction of cancer after only eight hours and almost 100% kill rate in 24 hours only .Iron deposits in cancer cells were made with specific receptors to help cell division. Normal cells also have these receptors but cancer cells have the greatest amount and according to this, the cancer cells can be a target combination of iron and artemisinin .The Soursop 100 times stronger to kill cancer chemotherapy !


The Soursop 100 times stronger to kill cancer chemotherapy !

A winning combination !

Many experiments have been conducted so far and all have proved that combined artemisinin with iron could actually destroy the cancer, and that this extract had been used in China for thousands of years as a remedy against malaria.The malaria parasite can not survive in the presence of artemisinin because it is rich in iron. The bioengineers Henry Lai and Narendra Singh of the University of Washington were the first scientists to discover .


Dr. Len Saputo artemisinin called "smart bomb for cancer "

In this video in English, science speaks of this in concluding that " artemisinin compounds and carrying iron marked artemisinin could be developed into powerful anticancer drugs ."

Bi- based therapies artemisinin derivatives : why and how?

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