[Artificial Intelligence] AI Makes Us Better Humans - Debunking The Myth

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Myths surrounding Artificial Intelligence

There are so many myths and beliefs surrounding Artificial Intelligence, and one of those is that AI helps make us better people. This blog aims to put before you, facts and realities that debunk this myth and a few others surrounding AI.  

Most of these myths arise from the fact that we cannot seem to agree on whether AI augments our life or disrupts it. We are not so sure if we these technologies assist us or if they are going to overtake our Earth someday. The area of the unknown has always fascinated mankind into creating and believing theories surrounding them.

 There are strong arguments on both sides which makes it difficult for people to see eye to eye on these issues. However, we need to look into various aspects of human life before we decide if AI really makes us better people.  


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AI Making Our Lives Better

There is no denying the fact that technology including AI has made, and continues to make life much better for us. AI in the healthcare industry is not only saving lives but detecting diseases like cancer even before they can cause harm and helps putting preventing measures in place.

Smart homes, smart phones and other smart gadgets powered by AI are certainly make life easy for us. They ensure that we are connected at all times, get what we need at the right time and even get things done at the click of a button without having to run around in circles like we did before the advent of such technology.

Banking has certainly become much easier. I haven’t stepped into a bank physically in the last few years. I transfer money, pay for my purchases and even have all my banking details with a click of a few keys on my computer.  


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The  more you live through screens, the more you're living in a narrow bandwidth  - Michael Bess

AI is unquestionably making a huge difference in our lives. We have more time to do the things we really need to do. This is what I believed when I bought my first Robo-cleaner.  The machine has learned the lengths, the breath and perhaps every detail of my home and ensures that I don’t pick up a broom as long as I use the Robo-cleaner.

I believed with my first smart phone I could be connected and secure. I am truly connected; my husband can track my every movement if he wanted to, using the GPS. I could call or send him a message at anytime I am stuck somewhere or needed help. 

It is true that technology has given me more free time to spend with my family, to return to my hobbies, take up that course that I have always wanted to do and be a better person than I have ever been. Or has it really?

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'Americans are now perilously isolated. Researchers have observed a sharp decline in social connectedness over the past 20 years.' -  Duke University Study

Does AI Change The Quality Of Life ?

Let us examine a few aspect of living to understand where we are becoming better humans

While there is no denying the fact that with our smarter gadgets we do have more time on our handsDo we really know what happens to the time saved? The quality of life doesn’t get better with technology or gadgets, but life certainly gets easier.

With such excellent connectivity are we getting any better in our social relationships? Are family bonds strengthened with the help of these gadgets or are we getting further away?

A study conducted by the researchers from the University of Pittsburgh found that  Increased social media use is linked to higher levels of perceived social isolation.

Are we finding satisfaction with work or is it making our lives more complicated? Is our work life hindering our family life?

Is the quality of our face to face interaction with people getting stronger and better?

Do we feel safe and secure with the way these technologies grow?  

We become better humans by the way we interact with people, empathize with them and help each other in times of need. We need to understand here that all forms of socialization are not really equal.

People are not living in the present anymore... That’s the psychology of distraction—‘distracted’ means not living in the present. We’re starting to see when people are not doing a very good job at living [or] having interactions…It’s changing our definition of what it is to be alive. - Dr.Larry Rosen 

In the interactive Chat blog below we shall discuss these questions in the light of research and human behavior. These are the five areas I would be discussing in the interactive chat blog.




Face to face interactions

Security and privacy issues


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This video below quickly sums up our life now with our smart gadgets. 

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Final Thoughts

We need out things in the right perspective. Technology was created by humans , we drive it, technology should not drive us. 

Solid relationships make us happier, stronger, more resilient and better people. If our smart gadgets help us get close to people it has surely made us better people. However from what research tells us our gadgets and technology have taken us further away from our loved ones then we have lost those simple things in life that make life meaningful.

Our younger generation is lacking in social skills. They avoid personal interaction, family get-together's while they spend time on social networking sites trying to build relationships. Let us not fool ourselves about our connectivity and becoming better people. We are addicted to our gadget and dependent on every like we get on our social networks. 

If all our free time is spent (as statistics show us) consuming more digital information, then all the benefits we gained from Artificial Intelligence is lost once again n the digital ocean. We could go on claiming that it could help us become better people but the reality is different.

AI is not going away anywhere, so we need to ensure that it doesn’t hijack our lives. To do this we need to use technology for what it is meant to be used and live they way we are meant to live, building relationships.  




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