Artificial intelligence and the world of fashion

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"Artificial intelligence and the world of fashion" is my new AI-inspired C-Blog for "bitLanders C-Blogging." My previous works are: "The present and future of artificial intelligence," "Artificial intelligence and philosophy," and "BitLanders C-Blogging: Robots and Artificial Intelligence."

Artificial intelligence is changing almost every sphere of our life. The world of fashion is also undergoing a number of significant changes. Machines allow to automate manual labor and optimize logistics by moving production elements closer to designers or demand centers. Another plus of artificial intelligence is the same accuracy and high performance.

Does this mean that stylists and fashion designers from the world of people will have to look for a new job? What should fashion professionals learn today to be in demand in the world of artificial intelligence?

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Despite the fact that the introduction of AI is greatly simplifying the work in the fashion industry, artificial intelligence alone is not enough to become successful in the complex world of fashion and beauty.

Perhaps artificial intelligence will help solve the problem of overproduction of clothing, make us more stylish and happy with life, and give entrepreneurs the opportunity to deal with the optimization of the production routine.

Given the global changes, those who work in the world of fashion should immerse themselves in analytics and fashion forecasting, communication strategies, segmentation of consumer services, knowledge of raw materials, and understand how the fashion industry is structured.

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