Artificial intelligence application in educational sector.

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Artificial intelligence is now used in almost all sectors, one of them is the educational sector. Artificial intelligence is now been used in the educational sector, technologies are also been used in educational sectors from the previous couple of decades. 

But today's artificial intelligence has spread even more in educational sectors, with automated chatbots and smart learning machines for enhancing the learning process of the students. Not only that, but artificial intelligence is also changing the role of the teachers in the teaching and learning methods of the students. In this blog, I'm going to explain some role of artificial intelligence in the educational sector.

        Role of Artificial intelligence in Education

Artificial intelligence plays many roles in the educational sector like, helping in the grading or providing feedback, it's flexibility to change according to student need and as well as role of the teachers. Artificial intelligence is not yet widely spread in the educational sector, but here are some of the roles it can play in enhancing the learning and teaching process in the educational sector

Role in grading:

The grading system is nothing but going through one quiz or assignment to another, and their grading take is a long process. Teachers have to put a lot of time to check the quizzes and assignment or some time use their assistance to do so.

Artificial intelligence as we both know is an automated learning machine, can easily learn and improve. With all the grading done by artificial intelligence, which will be accurate to most accurate, which is near perfect, the rest of the adjustment can be done by the teachers. 

In this way, teachers save a lot of time and can use this time to interact with students. Teachers can use this time on students which will overall enhance the learning process of the students and as a result increase in the grades of students.

 Role of additional support to students:

Artificial intelligence can act as support to the student, that mean student does not have to only rely on the lectures from teachers they can get lecture at any time they want to. Even if they mix some lecture due to some reason they can still get the lecture from artificial intelligence

We both know that most students don't get good grades, just because they were absent due to some personnel reasons. With artificial intelligence even if they were absent due to some reason they can still get the lecture with the help of artificial intelligence.

Role in course improvement:

 Teachers cannot always find out where is the educational gap in students. For this purpose artificial intelligence use the data from quizzes in which most of the students have given wrong answers. In this way, teachers don't have to put a lot of time in rechecking the quizzes to know where the educational gap lies.

Role in how students learn:

Artificial intelligence can the way students learn, in such a way that with the help of artificial intelligence students can learn at any place, at any time whenever they want to learn. In this way knowledge from the west world doesn't stay in west world only.

Artificial intelligence is also enforcing distance learning, in which students don't have to take regular classes.



Companies like IBM are also enforcing the use of artificial intelligence by providing great automated learning machines to help the educational sector. The educational sector can improve a lot of artificial intelligence is spread widely.

There are still some weaknesses in artificial intelligence, but in the future, as all developers are working very hard on it, would be able to remove all the weaknesses from the artificial intelligence


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