Artificial intelligence has to cover a lot of ground

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AI is not going to take over the human brain in near future

If you feel that the machine has already taken over our life, rest assured the stage has not arrived yet. Yes, not for time being. But who knows? The machines are certainly making way in our daily routine at every stage of our life. The fact is they are keeping a track of what we do in our lives, how we work and, how we eat, how we commute or even how and what channels we use for our entertainment purpose.
I don’t want to mention voice-powered assistants like Siri and Alexa, provided by Apple and Amazon but would like to talk about technologies which are not so popular among layman. Would you believe that AI is seeping in the fields of behavioral algorithms that trace your online searches including use of navigation sites?


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AI is nothing but result of software algorithm

We shall reach to the perfection in artificial intelligent only when it starts learning on its own and I have certain examples to prove my point for instance I can tell you about Google's DeepMind here. By the way, DeepMind has an algorithm that doesn’t depend on pre-defined behavioral. But the fact is that artificial intelligence will remain dependent on past iterations for getting better and improving its future operations.
The common man thinks that artificial intelligence has taken a long stride into the field of technology but the fact is the technology is still in its initial stage.


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The fact is that it’s all about software engineering which in itself is an example of artificial intelligence and being an engineer from a premier Indian institute I can tell you that what common people consider as artificial intelligence is a result of responses based on pre defined software algorithm. It’s also a fact that artificial intelligence has a long way to go yet.

I have seen many movies, television serials etc based on AI with wonderful characters which is amazing to watch but we are nowhere near that phase of scientific development in near future. That is all camera work which undoubtedly keeps us entertained but far from reality.

There is no doubt about the fact that all big tech companies are doing their best and bringing out great innovative changes in the field of technology but even they have no idea what is going to be the ultimate result in the field of AI and what and how much will they be able to replace from the current day technology. I am not sure if companies like Amazon, Facebook etc know exactly what is going to work for them in future. It’s all about trial and error game, nothing much, nothing less.

But I must admit that AI is making its presence felt

Having said that AI is in its infancy stage and it has a long way to cover but I must admit that artificial intelligence has begun to show its presence even if it’s not yet a threat to our existence. And when I say ‘our existence’ I certainly mean, we the engineers and corporate workers. But one thing is sure the way the technology is developing during last couple of decades the chances are part of jobs will be cut short.

However, the fact remains if the jobs will see a cut in a particular section but the demand for manpower will increase in a wider scenario. The horizon is expending fast for trained people in various fields. People are coming up with newer ideas and providing jobs and business opportunities in various fields.
And would you believe it if I say that it all will be the result of so called artificial intelligence? That’s true the day A.I. will be self sufficient and smarter than what it is today, works faster than what it what it works today and thinks like we the human think there will be a rise in job market.

I smile at the people who ask me a simple question time and again. They find it amazing how they see the products they visited on shopping sites on various websites in advertising section? That’s nothing but advance machine learning software that tracks the behavior of visitors. But what you see on different websites is the cache of your own machine.


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Is it artificial intelligence? - No certainly not

You must have generally found that after visiting online e-commerce websites, the items you looked at, beside your computer’s browser history or maybe web address are then displayed your other browser pages or what sites you visit. Trust me it's not the artificial intelligence behind it but simple computer behavior. Let me also assure you that artificial intelligence has not become powerful enough but this is only a little bit of machine learning software. I agree that it has to do a lot with behavioral algorithms.


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While I admire the efforts of Apple, Amazon, Goggle, all the self driving cars, Netflix, ESPN, Cricinfo, Pandora etc but I still believe that we have achieved very little in artificial intelligence and a long way to go. I am certainly waiting for the day when a drone will deliver my orders at my doorsteps rather than a delivery boy coming all the way facing burning sun to my house 12 km away from city.

Netflix is not popular in India but I am a great fan of this technology as it shows me exactly what I wish to watch when I log into my Netflix account. It starts from the point I left while watching a particular movie/drama. I am not a great music lover otherwise I would have put Pandora in the same category.


I maintain my stand that we are in the beginning stage of artificial intelligence and there lot more to come in coming years. The artificial intelligence might be looking great to many of us but the fact is that AI is artificial as of today and nothing to do with real intelligence. AI knows what we teach it and it has nothing to teach us for time being. I am sure the technology is going in the right direction even if at a slower pace. 


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