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[Artificial Intelligence] How Artificial Intelligence Changes Customer Relationships - Photo credit: tah-heetch, edition by Amber255 via bitLanders

Recently, they promise us that artificial intelligence will turn upside down all modern industries - from media and advertising to law and medicine. We are no longer surprised by unmanned vehicles equipped with artificial intelligence, smart virtual assistants, robots that help fight deadly diseases, algorithms that predict future customer behavior.

Marketers also use artificial intelligence and believe that AI is the future.

New marketing startups based on the application of learning algorithms are launched almost daily, and the largest world leaders in the digital industry make significant investments in the development and implementation of artificial intelligence in their products and services.

Artificial intelligence not only helps to collect and analyze a huge amount of data - it can build communication of a completely new level of involvement. AI platforms educate consumers, answer questions, entertain, share information and accompany on the way to making a purchase decision.

Some companies that love innovations already introduce tools of artificial intelligence and machine learning. They strive to change the principles of interacting with customers to strengthen relationships with them, gain new skills of competitiveness, and increase revenue.

What Actually Is Artificial Intelligence In Customer Experience - Video credit: youtube

The quality of customer service should always be the focus of any business. Satisfying the needs of existing customers brings a much greater return to business than the constant search for new customers. Continuous development of technologies gives companies additional tools and resources for interacting with customers, improves work and makes the result better.

Tools using artificial intelligence (AI) create new opportunities for interaction between companies and customers. More recently, new options for interaction have appeared and are actively developing such as chatbots, virtual assistants, messaging in applications, intelligent IVR with natural speech recognition. To implement each of these solutions, you need a powerful AI platform with support for the progressive improvement and scaling of services.

According to forecasts, by 2020, up to 85% of interactions between companies and customers will be processed without direct human involvement. At the same time, up to 40% of such contacts will occur on mobile devices.

Nowadays, AI is becoming increasingly popular, and customer service with its help is turning into an easy and efficient process.

[Artificial Intelligence] How Artificial Intelligence Changes Customer Relationships - Photo credit: querlo

AI attracts the attention of both business and IT leaders, as it promises prospects to increase the flow of customers and contribute to their retention.

What artificial intelligence tools are already implemented to help customers? 

The core of the transformation was new technologies: chatbots, recommendation issuing systems, personalized message compilation mechanisms, tools for intelligent advertising targeting, and image recognition tools.

Chatbots - it's a smart virtual interlocutor designed for use in various customer service scenarios. Chatbots are specialized and able to maintain a “conversation on a strictly defined topic. The main task of chatbots is to collect primary information about the client and transfer it to the contact center operator. Chatbots can answer standard customer questions by providing them with basic information. And also transfer customers to other service and self-service systems and attract real operators to help.

Chatbots are rapidly gaining service. They are used in a wide variety of segments - from hotel business (room reservation) to cosmetics retail (makeup tips). More than 100,000 chatbots have already been deployed on the Facebook Messenger platform.

[Artificial Intelligence] How Artificial Intelligence Changes Customer Relationships - Photo credit: emprendedorenlanube

Recommendation Systems - Two questions that a successful marketer should ask himself: “what does the client want?” And “which of the products or services best suits the needs of the client?”. Artificial intelligence in marketing is the best way to quickly find answers to these questions.  First of all, because he can create unique personalized offers that go beyond the usual sale of goods, and maintain customer loyalty for the longest possible period.

Companies invest in the improvement of the quality of customer service by automating the product recommendation process. It allows them to provide customers with an easier way they can find the right products. 

Message personalization - Indeed, personalization is one of the best achievements that artificial intelligence can help. Because there is nothing more effective than attracting customers through individual interaction with each of them. AI-based personalization is used today in many industries, in particular in e-commerce. 

Unlike predictive content emails and product recommendations, personalized software display ads, relevant messages based on specific customer groups, your announcements, emails, and other messages can be personalized and tailored to specific customers like never before you have customer data.

Implementing AI solutions can actively improve productivity by allowing the personnel to concentrate on what matters. They can get involved in problems where human input is a must, such as building relationships with customers. It can remove the burden of menial tasks, which are often necessary and must be executed perfectly on the first try.

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Ad targeting - I like the idea that soon advertising managers and media planners will be replaced by automatic algorithms. Advertising ads are perfectly algorithmized by AI. And already in new types of advertising, the concept of budget per channel or price is eroded. The same thing with conducting advertising campaigns - the AI will better cope with the routine tasks: send a banner, change bid, update creatives, send a report to the advertiser. 

In the advertising market, many issues can now be fully automated, but this does not happen for political reasons: not all channels are ready to work with efficiency in mind, and not with a fair market share, and not all people are ready to learn new things. They want to stay in their comfort zone.

Recognition of images and video - After analyzing the video clip or a static picture, the computer converts the data into a digital file called a faceprint. It contains data regarding the nature of facial features and the relationships between them. You can change your hairstyle, the color of hair, o grow a beard, still, the AI system can recognize you. How it does that? Simply AI knows that the hairstyle is constantly changing, so it is simply not taken into account. 

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 On A Final Note

AI helps to make more informed decisions, which significantly speeds up the work of marketers, brings more flexibility, and creativity to it, naturally improving the results.

How is artificial intelligence superior to a live support employee? Recent studies have shown that monotonous repetitive tasks can lead a person to automatic actions or even cause unethical behavior. Artificial intelligence helps to significantly alleviate the situation: reducing the waiting time by the consumer, instantly searching for the necessary results, personalizing the message inside the dialogue - all this quickly leads to solving the problem that satisfies both sides.

Of course, there is the likelihood of abuse of any system that tracks and collects data always exists. But the advantages of quick and easy problem solving and getting perfectly tailored offers that match the client’s particular lifestyle make it easy to see why these systems using artificial intelligence are gaining popularity among companies. It is hoped that in the future, we will be able to enjoy a convenient service based on the individual preferences and needs of each consumer, and the most beneficial interaction with your favorite companies and brands.


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