Artificial intelligence progress: latest achievements

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"Artificial intelligence progress: latest achievements" is my new C-Blog for the unique project named "bitLanders C-Blogging." My previous works are "Is artificial intelligence consciousness in danger?" "Artificial intelligence and machine learning are not what they seem to be," and "[Artificial Intelligence] How to launch effective AI startups?

Humanity has repeatedly experienced the influence of progress on its life. Artificial intelligence progress is considered to be almost the key area of scientific progress in the 21st century.

There is an opinion that artificial intelligence will be able to equal a person in a number of abilities and even surpass it in 50-100 years. Artificial intelligence is already showing a significant success. Some of the advantages of machines over their creators are immediately obvious.

In my Querlo chat, you may read about the main areas that are being changed with artificial intelligence progress. I have also selected six forecasts of AI impact for the upcoming year. Feel free to check it all out below.


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