ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: The Concept and Use of Sentiment Analysis

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Sentiment Analysis refers to the use of natural language processing to analyze, quantify and study the point of view, attitude, feeling of a customer or client towards a certain product or service. It is also known as opinion mining or emotion AI. It helps companies to understand whether their customers are expressing a positive or negative opinion towards their products and services.

Making a detailed examination or scrutiny of the quintillion bytes of data the world gather every day could be a tasking activity. Thankfully, through the use of artificial intelligence, sentiment analysis is now a fully automated process being done through the use of various programs and applications.  

According to, there are 2.5 quintillion bytes of data the world gather every day and sentiment analysis is the only useful tool in making sense of these data.


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Imagine taking into consideration the tons of data you have for your business? It will definitely take a longer amount of time for us to fully comprehend what our customers are trying to tell us. 

Today's companies are using sentiment analysis for a variety of reasons but the most common cause is to identify areas for improvement for greater profit. Companies want to know how clients feel about their product or services. Are they satisfied with it or they need to make a further improvement? Are the competitors doing better? Can they deliver the expectations of the clients?

Among the different applications that we have today is no other than the Querlo Platform, Artificial Intelligence with a heart. By utilizing IBM Watson, the chatbot will understand the sentiment of the users based on the response they write as an answer to the given question. Through sentiment analysis and machine learning, the chatbot will be able to classify whether the response is positive, neutral or negative.

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But what really is sentiment analysis? How can it help companies perform better? 

I have gathered some basic information about sentiment analysis and have these consolidated in one c-blog. I encourage you to have a look to learn timely and relevant information that we can use in our future undertakings. CLICK HERE for a full-screen view.


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 The following topics are the main content of the Querlo C-blog:

  • What is sentiment analysis
  • What is Opinion
  • Scope of Sentiment analysis
  • Types of Sentiment Analysis
  • Why Sentiment  Analysis is important


On the final thought:

Sentiment analysis is a reliable tool that can help our business in various ways. From monitoring to market research, as well as for analytics and gaining new insights, the tool will help us achieve a reliable result with less effort and time, thus, generating a great result for our company.

Sentiment analysis has now elevated from just being an interesting application of new technology to an indispensable tool for modern companies. The more we understand our customers, the better we can serve them. 


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