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 THE MATRIX Movie Review: The Enslavement Of Humanity By Artificial Intelligence - Photo credit: onedio, edition by Amber255 via bitLanders 

Directors Wachowski (still brothers at that time) was seriously interested in the topic of parallel digital reality, which began to actively move to the masses after the widespread introduction of computer technology into human life - that's why we got THE MATRIX. It's the story of man's war against his own creation - artificial intelligence. AI has evolved to such a degree that became the dominant species and far exceeded its creator.

Red or blue pill? This is a million-dollar question. It's one thing to act defiantly in front of your friends and to claim that you will choose the red pill every time, but it's completely different when it comes to swallowing this obscure thing. Choosing a red pill would mean that my whole life up to this point was in vain and all I know, everything I achieved, would stop to matter in one microsecond. All this can only be a formality, but this new world is undoubtedly darker, and its essence entails a large amount of blood, sweat, and tears. Brothers Wachowski that now became sisters also didn’t help, as they openly admitted that they would have drunk a blue pill without delay.

The Matrix embedded itself in pop culture so thoroughly that it's easy to forget how different it was when it first arrived.

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Films like THE MATRIX do not often are shown on screens, so when they come, the only thing we can do is rejoice. Generations change, young minds come in, that in one fell swoop review the pattern of science fiction.

The first part of THE MATRIX, even after twenty years, still promises a lot. It provokes and does not disappoint. 


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The Plot

The near future. Artificial intelligence machines captured the world, but people decided to support the rebellion, eclipsing the sun - the main source of energy machines. And at the same time, people destroyed all life on Earth.

The main character of the film becomes Mr. Anderson, a brilliant programmer who is not averse to earning money with not entirely legal operations. Thomas Anderson is an office clerk, exhausted by his superiors and downtrodden by life. During the day, he is an ordinary employee in a large company, after the shift, he is a seasoned hacker under the nickname Neo (Keanu Reeves). In not known ways and hacks, but the process of their shadow activity, Neo learns fundamental information about the structure of the world. 

And one day, Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss) and Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne) appear in his life, claiming that reality, which Anderson knows, is nothing more than fiction and all people are enslaved by intelligent machines.

It is clear that Anderson, or Neo, took these words as nonsense, but very soon he had to radically change his mind because computer programs with special combat functions that could kill a man began to hunt him. Realizing that he has no way out, Neo goes after Trinity and Morpheus to find out the truth about the world, which is called the Matrix.

The plot of the film tells how the protagonist learns that the world is not in order, that all the reality surrounding it is only a dream, and humanity exists only inside it because they are just slaves of machines, namely, batteries for their world - reality. This could not fail to amaze the minds of people living in the world of technology.


Post-apocalyptic film: THE MATRIX - Photo credit: lostfilm

The Idea

Undoubtedly, this is the same film, which is based on the idea. The message of the film stirred the minds of the audience. This distinguishes THE MATRIX from many other films - the sci-fi world, showing the inconsistency of the majority and submitted in the action movie format - this is what the viewer needed.

What if everything that you see every day in your window is not real? Are the people you contact daily - an illusion? Even the food that you consume several times a day is nothing more than a figment of the imagination, whose impulses send imaginary information to taste receptors.? All these questions, seemingly absurd and going far beyond the limits of human consciousness, after a while, can easily push the individual to the deepest abyss of the mind.

Morpheus: The Matrix is everywhere. It is all around us. Even now, in this very room. You can see it when you look out your window or when you turn on your television. You can feel it when you go to work... when you go to church... when you pay your taxes. It is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth.

Neo: What truth?

Morpheus: That you are a slave, Neo. Like everyone else you were born into bondage. Into a prison that you cannot taste or see or touch. A prison for your mind.

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The matrix in this film is a metaphor showing the world as an illusion of the human mind, and the machines that have become synopsis are all the pain that is hidden under these illusions.

The situation, which in turn was described by sisters (brothers in the past) Wachowski (Lana Wachowski and Lilly Wachowski), is terrible for understanding and awareness, at least, because it does not cover up really deep philosophical judgments behind, undoubtedly, innovative special effects and high-quality fighting scenes. Frankly, the very idea of the enslavement of humanity by artificial intelligence is not new, but it was Lily and Lana who first visualized this concept in (almost) idealized form.


Post-apocalyptic film: THE MATRIX - Photo credit: lifter

The Wachowski brothers presented us with a completely new world, which makes us look at the progress of humanity and its negative impact on all of us from a new angle. Nobody excludes that this can happen in reality. I wish that did not happen.

The world that exists at the cost of fictional values, where everyone must be part of the system, whether he wants to or not, where each one is a zombie by the top authorities - this is human civilization on planet Earth. In a world order in which absurd laws are the norm, and justice is utopia, everyone, like Thomas Anderson, wonders if this is a nightmare? And if this is a dream, then what is the reality? But reality will hardly make a positive impression on us.

Would an ordinary person want to wake up and find out the deadly truth? Exchange your usual life for the eternal wandering around the outskirts of a destroyed civilization, existence in the city, located next to hell, where there is no place either for the sun or for hope. Wouldn't it have been easier to choose a blue pill without exploring the depths of Wonderland? To live in a familiar world, where you have relatives, where is hope for the future, ambitions, and goals, where there is stability. Would you choose a red pill, knowing what lies ahead?

 THE MATRIX film scene - Video credit: youtube

THE MATRIX certainly clings to the deepest, ideological level. The world where cars have won and people are bred as a source of energy. The world itself raises a lot of questions. The main one is why people and not electric scooters or even bacteria were chosen for energy? Well, and if people, then what is the matrix itself for? Is it not easier to save energy and keep batteries in an artificial coma?

The film sends us hundreds of metaphors about our life, and these are not machines. This is not aliens, this is not a struggle between good and evil and not about the unreality of our world. Throughout the entire scenario, the author wants to convey a bunch of thoughts, and not everyone can understand the valuable meaning of them

The matrix is a system, a system where we live. This system has different programs to prevent its destruction. But destruction by whom? The chosen ones are a direct threat; they are the ones who understood, who know the truth. There cannot be many of them, and in our lives, we see hundreds of examples of the work of such programs. Most of the things in this system are created in order not to let us understand, not to give even a moment the likelihood of trying to understand that we are in the system. 


Humans fight artificial intelligence: THE MATRIX - Photo credit: mancavemoviereview

Artificial Intelligence in THE MATRIX 

A computer program designed to find and destroy a human uprising is powerful. It has just such a face; for me, it is as much formidable as necessary. 

From the quantum concept, in our test world, in general, its own built pattern should be excluded with own mechanical, reproductive, and even, if, relativistic laws. Such is the integrity and peculiarity of the system, and socially it is sewn up, religiously coded, or digitized by high technologies, but this is not the essence; the point is that it is mathematically spelled out, technically modeled, and you cannot get out of it.

It is what shapes us, our preferences, and claims that are permissible only to its quality, in some places looking like only a cheap imitation or a non-working state program. And when you are in it, you look around: you find forced labor, modified food, commercial cinema, and the solution algorithm.

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Can you believe that your life is just an illusion recreated with the help of program code? Everything you did in life, that routine that absorbs you daily, surrounding people and objects are a set of numbers. And the real world exists on the other side of reality, in which people are part of the program for maintaining the working capacity of machines.

From the beginning, the main hero is faced with a choice: live in a non-existent world or look behind the screen and believe in your power. A choice that distinguishes a person from a machine. In the course of what is happening reveals the terrible truth of the destruction of mankind by artificial intelligence, ruthlessly using a person as part of the functional process. A small group representing the opposition has learned to connect to the program, the Matrix, to bring people back to reality. s irrational, prompted by the wish to go on his way, without relying on the loyalty of logic.

The opposition as the basis of the film: the world of the program and the real, the man and the program.


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The Actors And Their Personages 

Keanu Reeves appears as an ordinary employee of the company, which is in the thick of events. And we see how he becomes a seasoned man, accepts a new role for himself, makes a difficult choice. The well-thought-out arch of the protagonist with the transformation of the office clerk into the superman in the finale.

A protagonist is a man who lives two lives: in the afternoon he is a typical office worker, and Anderson spends all his free time at the computer - he is Hacker, he is Neo. We are shown his routine; he does not understand what is a reality, and asks himself what is around him - a dream or a reality? The hero has a lot of questions that no one around can answer.

Laurence Fishburne is good in the role of a wise mentor, calm, ready to bring his idea. He is a born leader.


Science fiction film THE MATRIX - Photo credit: e-wiki

Carrie-Anne Moss got the role of Trinity, which is indomitable, but at the same time appears as a trustful person ready to help close ones.

Hugo Weaving played great. He is the personification of evil, the face of the enemy, which people are fighting. It is pleasant to look at him and, at the same time, a little scary. And that means he played great.

Morpheus is a man who believed, believed all his life that he would find the one, the one who would be stronger than the matrix, and he finds it. It was he who gave the choice to Neo: find out the truth about the world, find out what the matrix is, or forget everything, and wake up in his bed as if nothing had happened. He believed that Neo was chosen even when no one believed. He lived by his faith.

 The remaining actors are less noticeable, but also give the integrity of what is happening on the screen.


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Overall Impression

The film is very creative in using camera angles and camera movements, zooming, slow frames and the various color palettes used to differentiate the matrix and the real world. The editing is flawless, as it ensures that every scene is a part of the story and ensures that the pace of the film remains fierce throughout its duration.

Each frame is equipped with a huge amount of visual information. The sisters introduced us to flying in slow-motion bullets, and their influence can still be felt in today's cinema.

The acting game is also incredible; it is understandable as every actor has received recognition. Each of them brought life in the character that he plays, but the one who stands out most is the disciplined embodiment of evil, agent Smith.


Science fiction film THE MATRIX - Photo credit: 4usky

The reason why I think that THE MATRIX is more influential than almost any other film in this genre is the history and its philosophical, religious elements. The film is based on the myth of the Messiah since Neo is a clear reference to Jesus. The themes of the prophecy, the liberator or, as I said, the Messiahs allow THE MATRIX to go beyond the limits of the science fiction genre and become even more unique. 

Just to say it once again - this is a meaningful, stylish project, in extreme cases, filled with brilliance in every aspect, both technologically and emotionally. Its darkness of the entire dystopia showed perfectly. Maybe we are just pawns? Are we as free as we think? No matter how deeply we are ready to dig, this is just a first-class spin of science fiction.

Quite a clear separation of good and evil reveals some director naivety so childishly catching any sensual viewer. You can say for sure: THE MATRIX is a superhero movie with morality not fully penetrating this concept.

 Of course, the film looks great even now, when we have seen quite a few cool blockbusters. Wachowski invented a stylish and spectacular story, where, in principle, there are no restrictions. Neo learns to jump through buildings, draws attention to gorgeous digital beauties in red dresses, and turns away avoiding bullets. 


Cyberpunk film THE MATRIX -  Photo credit: stack

ON A Final Note

The average cinema-watcher does not want to search for hidden meanings; he does not want to discuss the movie for hours. He wants action and fun. THE MATRIX gives it. The film has a lot of guns, a lot of car chases, and a lot of fights. Any viewer has the right to check this movie without thinking about the context. And I believe that this is what made the film a success - the perfect symbiosis of action, metaphysics, and philosophy.

Returning to the burning question - a red or blue pill? Yes, the consequences could be catastrophic, but I can safely say that my choice is a red pill. Wonderland has always fascinated me, and I do not say that I will not regret my decision, but the opportunities that I can get are an exciting prospect to just give up on them.

THE MATRIX is a movie event that made people talk about itself for a decade and even got two sequels. This is a truly revolutionary film with a bright plot, interesting characters, a cool idea. 

Without a doubt, THE MATRIX has become a real breakthrough not only in the cyberpunk category but also in the post-apocalyptic field.


THE MATRIX Movie Review: The Enslavement Of Humanity By Artificial Intelligence - Photo credit: feber

So get ready for a journey beyond your usual reality and see what could happen to our civilization after losing control over technology. And who knows if we are now in the Matrix, experiencing the dreams laid down by the program as if our own life. 

My rating: 9.0/10
Rotten Tomatoes: 88/100
Metacritic: 73/100
Critics average: 85/100
IMDb: 8.7/10

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