Artificial Intelligence - The Way To Go?

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So today I am going to jot down my thoughts regarding the most Hot Trend in today's tech world, Artificial Intelligence! It's 2017 & AI (Artificial Intelligence) is everywhere to be seen. AI is being termed "The New Electricity" and many experts are referring it as the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Due to the fact that availability and access of data has increased significantly within the last few years, the demand for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning has also increased significantly.

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AI has become a buzzword in the recent past. If you ask me where is AI in my daily life? My answer will be simple. Where is NOT AI today in your daily life? Artificial Intelligence is everywhere in your life. From the handwriting & speech recognition system of your smart-phone to the strategic gaming applications installed in your I-pads, tablets, or cell phones (Example: Chess, Tic Tac Toe etc). From Siri, Cortona and Google Now (that we access almost daily) to the "People you may know" section that we come across in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. From your Uber app to Plagiarism Checkers ( Where you most likely to check your content before posting it to BitLanders :D ), The area covered by artificial intelligence is tremendously huge in breadths and widths!

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A huge sum of money is filling associations revolved around AI/ML, as it can change most, if not all organizations and enterprises. According to experts and researchers, in the next decades, over portion of occupations will be supplanted by AI in the world, extending from interpreters, editors, associates, stock merchants, securities, sales people, drivers, customer advantage reps, accountants, bookkeepers and so on.


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Plenty of tech heavy weights like Facebook, Google, Amazon, IBM, Microsoft, and Apple are forming guidelines together in pursuing AI research & development. These organizations have also created a partnership called Partnership For AI. Google is leading the way in adopting AI technologies. On the other hand Microsoft is also trying its level best to put up AI almost everywhere it can. Facebook is also playing an active part in this regard and has come up with FAIR – Facebook Artificial Intelligence Research lab. Facebook's CEO Mark Zuckerburg has been building his Personal Assistant Jarvis.

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Google has also established an experimental laboratory called Google A.I. Experiments where anyone can participate, practice and learn AI & ML experiments and can even submit their own that would be added to labortary's gallery, once accepted. 

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The reason these tech giant organizations are focusing a lot to adopt AI technologies is simple; Artificial Intelligence is helping them in building new functions and features. How? Well let me elaborate this by a quick example. Have you ever performed an online search for anything to buy? Like tickets for travel or wallpapers for your new home maybe? You google anything online and all of sudden you start seeing advertisements related to these things in every other website you visit like Instagram, Facebook etc. WHY? Because Google collects your data! Google takes your data and has a machine learning engine that helps Google advertising business to automatically start showing online ads based on what you have currently searched for!


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However, it is notable to put under consideration that along with many others, one of the greatest tech-giant, Professor Stephen Hawking regards AI, as a danger to the mankind. According to him, the revolution Artificial Intelligence is going to cause would result as the greatest disasters ever! Moreover, he fears that AI is going to bring an end to the mankind. (Well let's hope not though).

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It has been, and still being predicted by various tech experts that there are chances Artificial Intelligence is going to overpower us in the future. According to a research paper published by Oxford and Yale University, AI will most likely take over almost all of human tasks by 2060! ( Don't worry the chances are 50% ).

Final Verdict? 

Technology evolves with respect to time. As it advances, it brings humanity with it. However, there is a certain dread that encompasses technologies like Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, to some extent, due to the fact of how these have been depicted in science-fictions! We can call this fear, The Fear of Unknown. Technologies like AI can't be dangerous if only, we the humans learn to use them wisely. This is a fact to realize that Artificial Intelligence is going to impact all the aspects of human life dramatically sooner or later but the point to ponder is that We need to understand that Artificial Intelligence itself is NOT a threat to the mankind, yet how we are going to handle it, sure is!

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