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TOMORROWLAND Movie Review - Photo credit: imdb, edition by Amber255 via bitLanders

Studio Disney got accustomed to pleasing its fans with excellent projects in cinema and especially animation. At one time, the studio's masters launched the incredibly popular franchise Pirates of the Caribbean, and the idea of the film arose under the impression of the eponymous attraction in Disneyland. Having filmed their own thematic area, the creators felt for a gold mine.

And so they decided to repeat the attempt to create a film based on their own attraction. But unfortunately it was not possible to repeat the success by box office but the film came out very interesting and original by design.

An aggressively optimistic script admonishes the lazy and irresolute and urges humanity to end war and save the environment.

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The film is based on the popular theme area in Disneyland, called Tomorrowland. The director's chair was given to outstanding cartoonist Brad Bird, who created some masterpieces of animation. But in the field of cinema, he did not have great success. Nevertheless, a talented person, talented in everything. Armed with a wonderful cast, an original script and a large budget, the director presented an excellent fairy tale.

In 2015, the year when the film was released, I refused to watch it in the cinema, after reading negative reviews on the Internet. Now, with bitLanders AI-themed blogging, I decided to take a look. I watched without interruptions and practically without a rush which happens to me watching Hollywood movies extremely rarely. Once again I got ensured that should not believe the reviews.

TOMORROWLAND official trailer - Video credit: youtube

The Plot

The land of the future tells about the world where gathered scientists, thinkers, enthusiasts, and just talented people who got the opportunity to create a wonderful future.

One day, in the not too distant past, a little boy named Frank brought a jetpack assembled by his own hands to an exhibition of inventions. He is confident that his project has a bright future. But the jury member does not find anything positive in his invention similar to a vacuum cleaner, or rather, even invention collected from a vacuum cleaner, because one of the shots shows the name of a well-known company on board of this unit. 

The boy was asked to continue working on his new toy. But here, a young blue-eyed beautiful girl comes to the aid and radically changes the life of a guy giving him access to a new world, the Tomorrowland.

Here the action enters almost our days, and we see the child prodigy Casey Newton (Britt Robertson), and it turns out that she is among the elect ones. She is found by the same girl, who at the beginning of the story gave Frank the opportunity to become part of the future and introduces her to Frank. 

Now the trio will try to create all possible conditions to revive the once ruined project TOMORROWLAND - a place where all people live in harmony and joy.


TOMORROWLAND, science fiction film -  Photo credit: movieforkids.bestmovie


The idea

In the film, there are several basic ideas, tightly and securely intertwined with each other. I will consider each of them.

For the development of mankind, creating a happy future, we need those who create and invent. If these talented and skillful people become less and less (which is happening now), then the world will sooner or later fall into decay. 

In the modern world, unfortunately, such people experience certain difficulties due to the peculiarities of society. If you are an executive worker, then no matter what level of knowledge and skills you have, the fact that you are not having your business, automatically takes you to the losers category. This wrong but dictated by society concept leads to the fact that many bury talents in the ground and go to managers.  Accordingly, in the future - stagnation or destruction wait for us. 

TOMORROWLAND is a place, outside of our reality, where scientists, dreamers, can embody their wildest intentions, without any restrictions. In principle, everything. However, restrictions seem are necessary, without them an untidy mess comes out. 


TOMORROWLAND Movie Review - Photo credit: wall.alphacoders

The film shows the idea of selecting people-performers and inventors who are able to build such a future and do not set themselves the goal of living only for themselves (the idea of choosing between selfishness and life for others is also very brightly developed). They are dreamers, although this is not entirely fair. In addition to dreaming, we need skills and knowledge. 

I knowingly put the idea of performers and inventors in the first place. It turns out that the views of the audience divided almost equally. I would venture to suggest that part of the negative reviews was left by those who adhere to the concept of if you work for an uncle, then you are an untenable person. The film touches in this regard - no one will remain indifferent, neither “managers nor losers. 

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We ourselves create our future - the idea is also not new, but it is very well revealed in this film. The idea was extremely organically woven into the fabric of the story and is not perceived as a stamp. In addition, It is good to remind people once again about what we are doing with our world and what it can lead to.

Its development comes from the beginning of the film, reaching its culmination in the speech of Nix, which would be nice for each person to hang on the wall.

Nix: Every day is the opportunity for a better tomorrow.

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If we put up with supposed inevitability, do not believe that everything can get changed, or, even worse, simply will not pay attention to it, we will lead to it. Governor Nix rightly notes that people will bring themselves to an end; they are to blame for this because they do not believe and do not want to change.

TOMORROWLAND Movie CLIP - Welcome to Tomorrowland - Video credit: youtube

The third basic idea is the relationship between people. The world of the future itself is devoted not so much time, but from the available scenes, it is easy to understand that the society in it is completely different from the real world.

I should note separately the relationship between Frank and Athena should be noted separately. The wonderfully illustrated idea of that absolutely does not matter who you were born - is important only who you are now and what your inner world represents.


A film about robots: TOMORROWLAND - Photo credit: watchnetflixcanada.wordpress

Artificial Intelligence - Girl Robot Athena

The main star of the tape was the young Raffey Cassidy, in the form of an android girl. Despite such a young age, she fascinates with her unique charisma and steals all the spectators' attention with her participation. It is quite possible that we have a future star in world cinema.

Athena goes far beyond her program, although Frank is trying to tell her that all this is insincere, that she is just a machine.

Her image combines both inner beauty and extraordinary thinking, and even a rebellious beginning.

The director, taking on the role of Athena young Raffey Cassidy, probably never imagined that her game would produce such an effect that would eclipse even Hollywood stars George Clooney and Hugh Laurie (who also play well). In addition, it is impossible not to smile when she smiles on the screen. Very sincere.

Athena was, without exaggeration, the most attractive and vivid character of the film, and the skill of the actress showing her own facial and body expressions cannot be left without praises - it was almost magic!


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Other Personages

Britt Robertson and her character Casey aroused in me a storm of emotions! She perfectly played this resourceful and charming girl. As a whole, I liked her acting; the only thing she does not play enough were intense moments. But this is not so significant.

A young dreamer, a lover of technology and little rebellion Casey can not accept the fact that humanity is curtailing its space exploration program. In trying to shake those around her, the girl becomes almost an outcast, but suddenly receives a mysterious badge, which serves as a pass into a parallel reality, where inventors, scientists, and humanists rule the ball.

Encouraged by the discovery, Casey wants to change her own world for the better, but she does not find support from her new acquaintances, because the days of the familiar Earth are numbered, and no scientist of the Earth of the Future knows how to prevent the death of humanity. But it is precisely the hope that the teenager will be able to stop the disintegration of the world led Casey to a wonderful new world, and there is still a small chance for salvation


Science fiction film TOMORROWLAND - Photo credit: nadyn.biz

The image of the main character is in many ways similar to the image of Frank. Only she is also a rebel - her unwillingness to put up with defeats is expressed much brighter. The image as a whole makes, however, an ambiguous impression - in some episodes, she behaves rather strangely.

The veterans of the big cinema, George Clooney and Hugh Laurie, also look good in the frame, but they do not shine with charisma.

I always liked the acting game of George Clooney, like his characters too. Frank Walker was no exception; he played him good. In many ways, it was thanks to him that I decided to watch this film because I was not particularly interested in the trailer, but I was sure that George would not star in a bad film.

Frank is represented as an inventor, such as mentioned above. He had dreams and skills that he, for 30 years, apparently, actively used in the world of the future. Then he was deported from there, but he does not change his worldview, although he begins to live differently. In the course of the film, one might get the impression that he became humbled.

In part, this is true, however, due not to the fact that he gives in to the future, but simply because he lacked like-minded people.


A film about robots TOMORROWLAND - Photo credit: cia-film.blogspot

And, of course, Governor Nix, played by Hugh Laurie, who claims to be the main antagonist. I don’t know if this should be connected with the intentions of the filmmakers, but it doesn’t cause sharply negative emotions.

The film is very ambiguous. First, since it was once made governor, especially in such a positive world for people's relations, it seems that he understood that humanity should develop, know how to see good qualities in a particular person and direct them towards achieving common goals. Perhaps, over time, he began to change, until he swallowed the last drop, which finally convinced him that everything that was done in this world was meaningless.

The complexity of the film is also in the fact that it has elements of egoism. But still, I am more inclined to think that he simply did not understand that provoked - the persuasion is a very dangerous thing. His attitude to Frank is not characterized by a sharp negative - rather, coldness, due to the difference in ideologies. At the end of the film, where he makes the last mistake, look at his face - he is terrified of what he did. But a second ago no one forced him to do this; he made a decision, albeit an impulsive one.


Futuristic film TOMORROWLAND - Photo credit: mocah

Overall Impression

TOMORROWLAND city itself looks impressive; all the technological ideas shown in the film look interesting. However, the future is given too little screen time; you do not have time to enjoy what you see. When you get to the city, it looks lifeless, like after the war, and much of the film is not explained. Or the flow of information spills onto you that you simply don’t have time to understand.

With all the advantages, in the first part of the film, everything is expressed in short phrases. In general, the beginning of the film is its weakest side. From the beginning, there is a feeling that you are watching a classic teen movie, but somewhere from the middle of the film, the impression is changing.

This is a sci-fi, family fairy tale, and adventure-fantasy, with elements of utopia. The picture is replete with scientific terms: space-time continuum, other dimensions, tachyons, robots, and more. There is no philosophical burden, for the film is about the simple; it is about a dream about a bright future. And this dream is the engine of the whole plot. But unfortunately, the complex structure of the tape played a cruel joke. For children, this film looks too complicated, and to adults, it will seem naively childish. The authors failed to combine all the plot branches in one coherent mainline.


Futuristic film TOMORROWLAND - Photo credit: theboar

The visual part looks just awesome. Brilliant camera work, great special effects, and a beautiful picture turn the film into a unique entertainment attraction that is worth watching on as large a screen as possible. Impressions will be the most positive.

 But in general: good dialogues, intelligent humor, interesting plot development, a beautiful finale - all that is needed for a great script.

On A Final Note

TOMORROWLAND, belonging to the science fiction genre, considers the notion of utopia in the positively transformative power of progress, affecting both technology and social structure, and then moderating optimism.

The film is a beautiful, dynamic, original sci-fi tale, made in the best traditions of a family movie. The combination of an unusual plot, beautiful actors and stunning special effects, makes the picture a magnificent visual attraction.


A film about the future world: TOMORROWLAND - Photo credit: imdb

The purpose of the film (and this is stated even at the beginning) is to show how our planet is ruined, and that we should think about how not to bring it to a state where our future existence simply will be not possible.

 Looking back at everything and looking at the chaos that is happening in our modern world, it is very difficult to believe in its salvation from possible death. And not from the consequence of the fall of a huge asteroid, although this option is also being considered. It will happen from the hands of a ruthless people.

 A vista into a world of wondrous ideas, signifying Man's achievement. A step into the future, with predictions of constructed things to come. Tomorrow offers Tera baap pitega new frontiers in science, adventure and ideals. The Atomic Age, the challenge of Outer Space and the hope for a peaceful, unified world. — Walter E. Disney

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My rating: 7.0/10
Rotten Tomatoes: 50/100
Metacritic: 60/100
Critics average:49/100
IMDb: 6.4/10

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