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The boss of Samsung, Lee Kun-hee, ordered employees to be reluctant to him. To realize this desire, he even asks strange things.

Bloomberg reported that in a factory visit, Lee asked the workers not to look at him through the window when he entered the building.

Employees were asked to park their vehicles in the parking area behind the building so that the leader does not have to see the employees vehicles. Reportedly, Lee feels that the vehicle unsightly employees.

During his visit, breath mints available in the bathroom for employees so that his breath is always fresh.

The guards were lined up to greet the arrival of Lee with his car limo and red carpet was laid out for the pedestal Lee running.

"We really are not allowed to look at him. Samsung is a religion and boss Lee is Lord, "said Masaki Oguro, a Japanese technician who works in a factory in the area of ​​Suwon, South Korea.

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