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 Letters to children should also be clear as possible. They should not patronize but neither should they use over complicated vocabulary. Think about the age of your prospective audience and try to remember how excited you want have been to

receive a letter at that age. Then try to live up to those expectations. Children always want to know facts and not, generally, interested in thing that might happen. If you are writing to suggest a birthday treat, or something similar, make sure that your

suggestion is a concrete one- and one that you can actually submit into effect remember to write as neatly as possible and with quite large gaps between words. If your letter is difficult to read, a child wills simply not brother. Likewise, think carefully

about your wording- a letter that uses old-fashioned or out-of-date vocabulary will simply label you an old fogey and will not obtain much of a response. Also, try not to  be too soppy. This is not a letter a modern writer would wish to copy, but it is worth

reading and studying. Note the sincerity and passion of the feelings, as well as the style, which is old-fashioned, of course, but remains lucid and simple without being in any way patronizing.

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