Asif Sinan - A unique musical star of Pakistan

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We don't see Jazz and Indian Classical Music - Contemporary Fusion guitarist everyday, specially when he is from Pakistan, it makes it even more unique. 

Asif Sinan is world musician from Pakistan, a musician of his own kind.

 Opened his eyes in the city of light Karachi where by the age of 13 he was able to identify the artist within him. While the artist was exploring the beauty in the sound of the world, he was under the tutelage of Aamir Zaaki. Well, it can not be better when an artist of its own kind goes into the hands of an extra ordinary legend, that's where a shape is born and starts making history.

After musical graduation from NAPA Karachi, Sinan kick started his career with a eastern classic rendition of Pakistani National Anthem, it gave him a lot of media attention, which off-course is a cherry on top for your art work.

Since then Sinan has been hi-lighted into many international and national musical concerts for his love renditions.
He plans to develop a new genre, which would be a combination of Jazz and Indian classic.

Sinan looks all highly motivated and currently is sailing away, writing a new history in music. We wish him best of luck. May he prosper and make the country proud! :)

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