ASUS X99 Deluxe Review

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Since quite some time ASUS has been equipping its boards with digital power designs. Using the right software it is not only possible to adjust voltages while being in Windows on can now also control impedances. Furthermore this board features high quality 10K black metallic capacitor which guarantee a long lifespan.


ASUS Fan Xpert 3

ASUS Fan Xpert 3 provides customizable settings for fans that have been attached directly to the onboard fan headers. With the Fan Auto Tuning feature, ASUS Fan Xpert 3 automatically detects and tweaks all fan speeds and in the end reduces unwanted noise.


EPU automatically detects the current system load and moderates power usage. It offers a system-wide energy optimization and is able to reduce fan noise.


SATA Express

SATA Express is a new port for storage devices that basically combines two SATA connectors and bundles them. Each SATA Express port has been wired using two PCI Express Gen2 lanes offering a total of 10 Gbps bandwidth. Compared to SATA-III with 6 Gbps bandwidth this is quite an improvement.


M.2 Support

The new ASUS X99 Deluxe motherboard from ASUS features an M.2 slot. This motherboard can be equipped with an SSD in M.2 format and it is wired directly to the X99 PCH via four PCI Express lanes, therefore offering x4 bandwidth. In other words up to 20 Gbps can be pushed over the bus through this slot.


Crystal Sound 2

With Crystal Sound 2 you get ASUS' interpretation of high quality onboard audio. Supporting up to eight channels, the Crystal Sound 2 solution received shielding from other onboard components. Apart from that there are high quality ELNA capacitors offering as clear as possible audio.

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