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College time in my life is the golden time which I cannot forget.Today I will tell you about my first day at college.I was admitted to the Hazara college after I passed matriculation examination.I had some very strange experience on the first day I attend it.
It was the summer morning when I went to attend college for the first time.the sky was cloudy and the weather was fine.

As I entered college I found some students standing near gate.They smiled to me and I felt they want to talk to me.I also wanted to know where I could see the time table of the college.So I went to those boys and asked them to tell me about the time table.They laughed loudly and replied that they would show it.
The boys asked me to go with them to notice board.I started with them.They began walking faster.I also had to walk fast.They asked me to run with them.Now I was running with them.Soon I tired and wanted to rest.All at once one of the boy pushed me from behind and asked to keep running.The boys took me to the notice board afterwards.They went shouting “First Year Fool”
I read the time table of college carefully.I found that the first period was of physice and second of english.I went to the class room.There was half an for the class to start.I was standing outside the class room.Two other first year boys were standing there.They asked me about my school and subject.They became my friends at the first meeting.As we were talking we saw three second year boys coming towards us.They aswked us to go into the classroom and we did so.Then one of the second year boys stood near the board and started teaching us.
He was trying to teach us in humourous way.Soon our Physic teacher came there.He laughed and went off.
It was great pleasure for me to attend Physics class.Our teacher asked our name and wrote them in the rigester.He gave us useful advice about our studies.I attended my other classes and then returned to home.I can never forget my first day at college.

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