At His Lotus Feet

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When we are in deep trouble,can not escape from it,  solution   is not coming to mind. There is not a single person  around to help and console ,only the blue sky above. Tear of pain rolling down, make cheek watery.No words coming from the mouth. We are shedding tears  before the God or almighty,the invisible existence to stand  beside us. That is the tear of pain. We are ignorant or we have first phase of knowledge. When true knowledge pours  in we become patient ,never quit and continue to cry,that solution of  problem will definitely arrive. Our tear of pain will be transformed  into tear of joy,ecstasy . We ignore our worldly existence and sing the glory of God. while considering our case God or Hiss messenger test from various aspects. How we surrender,the surrounding condition, state of mind  and what alternations can be made without harming others.The solution definitely suits us. We became  a toy in hand of God who makes us play according to Hi noble wish

                                                               It continues till the end with Him at Hiss lotus feet





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