ATM Automated Teller Machine

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My Name is Rao Noman Ali.ITS my 8th blog I tell about that ATM Machine. ATM is a telecommunication device that provide the customers financial and without the need of human or bank teller the provide 24 hour round the clock a day

  ATM Card the card customer identify in which store customer information security code ATM card also smartcard with a plastic chip and magnetic strip, the Type Customer identify Number. in which store (PIN) Personal identify Number

Uses Of ATM Change your pin code, Pay bills. filling your prepaid or postpaid mobile account .account balance view mini statements transfer fund one account to another account.

Purchase Air Ticket. Bus Ticket Post Stamp Pay Legal Fee Taxes pay Shopping Bill Hotlink bill parking fee Donate in hospital . Fund Transfer. House Rent. and other rent

ATM Structure 1-Display screen 2-cash Trey 3-Card Reader 4-Speaker 5-Recipt Printer ATM Type ON Site ATM OFF Site ATM Mobile ATM Bio-Metric ATM ATM in Drive

Do not write down card pin in wallet bag and purse Do not avoid card no on house no, cell no, car no, bike no and your birthday

Do not count your money in front of machine after transaction take receipt, money and ATM card. ATM card take Safe place in wallet Purse and do not scratch and bent you stand in directly front the machine Other bank introduced the bio-metric ATM machine no use card Card less ATM introduced in Pakistan this cities Lahore Karachi Multan and Other Cities Of Pakistan

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