AT&T Pays $25 million due to data theft

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I can still recall our training with this ISP company while still worked for them a few years ago. Part of the training was to learn how these thefts would try their best to steal personal information of the customers. Not to mention, this company is a huge one, it has a big percentage of consumers in the whole North American region. That is why keeping their information as secure as possible is a requirement. No leaking of Social Security Numbers, not even their phone number.

However, there was a recent issue, a big one which includes call centers here in the Philippines. I then thought, glad I wasn't anymore working for that account.

See some agents had sold the customers' personal information. This caused a great issue and thus ATT is now gonna pay $25 million.

So because of this issue, I begun to recall my work there when I was still working for the said account. I have accessed to customers info as part of the support. I can see what kind of services are they enrolled to and their personal info of course like address and such, although security numbers are a bit encrypted, they have to provide us their credit card numbers in case they need to pay something over the phone which we don't really suggest but some or shall I say most customers insist, then we have to do it over the phone. Yes I do have access to their billing system which is kind of cool because we can somehow provide discounts if the customer is irate.

Anyway, I do hope this won't happen again.

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