Attacks in Paris: the police are looking for "dangerous " young man named Salah Abdeslam

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He was stopped by police at dawn on Saturday and released him . The French authorities published Sunday the photo of a man seeking in connection with the attacks on Friday in Paris that killed at least 132 people and left over 350 injured.

His name is Abdeslam Salah , is 26 and was born in Brussels , Belgium . He is described as "dangerous ".
The authorities believe that he is one of three brothers linked to the attacks. One of them, Abdeslam Brahim , 31 , is believed to have died when they detonated the explosive belt he was carrying in front of a bar in the French capital. The third, Mohammed , was arrested in the Molenbeek district of Brussels, the Belgian capital , after returning from Paris.

Abdeslam Salah and two other men traveling with him were arrested by police a few hours after the attacks, when they went in a car to the border with Belgium. His papers were checked and allowed to move on.
Some reports say Abdeslam was identified as the person who rented the Volkswagen Polo found near Le Bataclan theater and believed was used by the attackers.
In addition, the Paris prosecutor on Monday managed to identify two of the suicide bombers who attacked the nearby state of France and the theater Le Bataclan.
They are Ahmad and Mohammad Samy Al Aminour.
Mohammad Ahmad Al was born on September 10, 1990 in Idlib, Syria, if the passport found near her body is authentic.
Meanwhile, Aminour was one of the attackers inside the theater Le Bataclan and who activated the bomb belt strapped his body when he joined the police to the scene.
According to the police report, he lived in the suburb of Drancy in northwest Paris.

Who were?
According to the Paris prosecutor Francois Molins , we know that at least seven people participated in the attacks and killed detonating explosives belts carrying .
There were eight attackers dead, as was said at first. "We have to find out where they came from and how it is financed ," Molins told a news conference.
France argues that the radical Islamist group calling itself the Islamic State as behind the slaughter . The group claimed authorship. While the Belgian authorities arrested three men who , according to the government of Prime Minister Charles Michel , were related to the attacks on Saturday .
Brussels is investigating whether one of the arrested suspects was present during the attack in Paris the previous day or whether the three were part of another team of militants who managed to flee the besieged places.

How they carried out the attacks?
The French authorities believe that " probably" were organized into three teams to carry out the attacks.
All were heavily armed with Kalashnikov assault rifles or AK47 and at least seven of them- dead in the attack- wearing explosive belts . The French prosecutor said that for now the investigations are at an early stage . Authorities are analyzing two vehicles linked to the attacks: a black Seat in which several weapons and a Volkswagen Polo with Belgian license plate was found near the concert hall Le Bataclan were found. The French authorities believe the car was rented by Salah Abdeslam.









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