Attitude of Pessimists

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                You have always heard that be positive, Expect good in everything, be an optimist, Optimism is a key to success. Contrary to this is pessimism and it is always said that never be a pessimist in any situation. The Question arises that who is an optimist and pessimist? How they think? How they behave in a particular situation? How is their attitude towards any incident? How their habits are? So today I am going to write about some of the basic habits and attitude of a pessimist person.  Scroll down and discover the habits in you that are needed to be changed.

                It is well known that a pessimist person is a negative thinker who always expects the worst.

This phenomenon is often explained with a story of half filled glass of water i.e. optimist would say that glass is half full while the pessimist would say that glass is half empty.

There are lots of other things that are related to optimism and pessimism. Keep scrolling down.

“Why me”

                A pessimist person has an attitude of “why me”. Whenever something bad happens to him, he would think that why he always get in bad situation while others are enjoying their lives. They never take the situation as a challenge for them.

They don’t appreciate others:

                A pessimist person never appreciates others for their success. He thinks that others are not capable of doing something great in their lives. If someone gets higher rank than him then his attitude is just like “how he could do this….. He is not capable of this at all”

They miss chances:

                A pessimist person does not take chances. He fears to do so. He always thinks the negative outcome of every happening, which make him fearful. As a result he is unable to get any distinction.

They Spread disappointments:

                A pessimist person lacks motivational energy. He discourages people. It becomes his nature to be doubted. If you spend some time with a pessimist, you feel that you are worthless. I remembered many people in life, meeting with those make me feel down. They sketch life in such a way that it seems impossible to live comfortably and fearlessly in this world. So avoid such people in your life. They become the “Red Signal” for you.

They are never thankful:

                Gratefulness is a simplest thing to have good relations.  A pessimist person lacks gratitude. He does not say thanks to other.






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