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Every year, in the same date more or less all the artists in all the areas submit their projects to "FONDART" in Chile. This is the annual called of the "National Council of the Culture and the arts", were we have a change to get the money to finance an artistic project. There a four main lines, they are the "Music Found", the "Book Found", the "Audiovisual Found" and the "Fondart", this last one support all the other areas like dance, photography, performance, etc.

Also there´s a line to submit projects in order to education and social themes related to the arts; and there´s a last line that support the specialization of artist in their areas around the globe.

At first this sounds really exciting cause is a very good chance to have an economical support to make your own project as a professional of any art. But there´s a couple things that makes this hard.

But the main problem is that this found is most known found in Chile (with Corfo) and all of us want to submit, and when I say all of us I´m talking literally of all. Students, Independent artists as natural persons, indie production companies, big and giant production companies and also organizations that in some way are related to the arts. This make and convert this in a very competitive contest and also it becomes a very frustrating situation when you don´t win the found.

Always we have mixed feelings with this kind of supports, because when you win, it´s incredible to have one chance in a million. But when you are out, you should wait in most of the cases one more year to have a "real" chance to became real a project.

But, the chance is here, so we are preparing our projects again and giving our best to be successful in this artistic lottery.

In this occasion we are applying  with "Yellow Apples" and "Huguito"





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