Aushora Day

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I remember Aushura Day in my childhooh. Cooking, cleaning was banned in our home. Early morning of Aushura we went to help cooking the lunch of Aushora day. Most of the time meat and rice served in Aushura lunch. You couldn't find any one cooking in home because, there were lots of food for all.

 My mum was religious person and from first day of Moharam holy month , she participate in celeberation of first decade of Moharam. Some unwritten roles applied in Moharam. Laughing with high voice is forbidden.Listening to music was forrbiden in our house. We went to celebrating holy Muharam every first 10 days of Moharam month. It is the time that grand son of prophet Mohammad was killed with all of his family members. From that time every year Shia people hollding celebration for it.

An inseparable part of the celeberation is Alam Gardani , people are comming out in groups and singing sad songs to gether . It was very interesting as a child, watching thousands of people in the streets. It is kind of big carnival that people putting black cloths and participating in it.

The day after Aushura life went back to normal and every things went back in itself place.

I do not go for celeberation any more but, all of that celeberation is part of my childhood memories. Now, I am not working in Aushura day and I don't listening to happy music as well. I do not wear cloths with bright color this day and do not listening music in loued voice, just for respecting people who beliving in. But I do not participate in street carnival of Aushura any more.

Tomorrow is Aushura day in Afghanistan,and I am going to cook some meat and rice for desterbuting btween people to respecting my mom's believes. I missed her so much!

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