Austin TX and the Afghan education system

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Today Eren Gulfidan and I are on our way to Austin TX, to attend SXSW, an interactive festival that merges music with film and digital technology. SXSW is very artsy and predominately dominated by forms of musical and visual arts.

In 2006, when Film Annex was established to support and finance independent film makers, we were at the very beginning of an era. Today, 6 years later I focus my attention in Education and Evolution of society.

I was born in Florence, the cradle of Renaissance, by many Florence is considered perfect and unchangeable. To assure evolution, especially when perfection is achieved, we need access to new ideas, concepts and interpretations. We have been working with architects Federico Dal Lago and Alfredo Rumor to create a virtual city, a merge between Milan and New York,two Gothic cities located in two separate continent.

Digital forms of art, urban design and communication are the the step towards global education and social development. Open,uncensored, global digital communication to avoid conflict and create collaborations that benefit multiple parties.
With Roya Mahboob we established a Film Annex digital video production company in Afghanistan to document the work of the Afghan Development Project.
In the next two weeks we will purchase the computers to help building schools in Afghanistan and give thousands of high-school students the access to the global community. The process of the planning and construction of the Internet points is in the process of been filmed in Afghanistan, it will be edited in New York and distributed globally on various Channels and Webtv's  to our 12 million unique monthly viewers.

Roya is also our point of reference for the coordination of an army of writers and support the Afghan education system.
We have established a mentor structure that allows us to improve Afghan and American Veteran writers skills, including SEO optimization.Writers make money video blogging, thorough our technology each writer and filmmaker gets a Webtv, this assures them revenues generated by advertising.
Videos can't be searched unless has valuable written content, but with videos blog ads make money at higher rates.
Film Annex webtv's merge the work of writers with professional videos and share the wealth with both Filmmakers and Writers.

Bringing this concept to the education system of Afghanistan and Veteran businesses is a way to educate,  exchange ideas, and above all unite different cultures and make money video blogging today.

That is why writing articles on Afghanistan can be one of the best jobs for military veterans who traveled to Afghanistan:

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