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There are a number of ways through which you can earn online. But let me clear one thing, whatever way to select for earning you have to keep in mind that you'll not become a millioner over night.
You have to work and work hard for atleast a month when you'll be able to get some reward.

So here are some of the sites for your interest:

1. tsu:

tsu is a social network just like facebook and twitter but with a change that it pays its users for posting original contents. Each like and share on tsu makes you earn dollars. The minimum payout through this site is $100. This site is 100% original.

You'll need a reference to join this site and you can join by my reference.


2. Megatypers:

Megatypers is a captcha filling site and it gives almost $0.45 - $0.90 per 1000 images. Other than that this site has some interesting contests regarding your accuracy and speed, you can earn through those contests too. The minimum payout through this site is $3.

You'll need an invitation code to join this site too and you can join by my code.

Invitation code: AQSA

Further tips will be discussed in my next blog. Till than stay connected. :)

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