Automated Forex Trading

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All you have to do is make a deposit and MATS will immediately start trading on the Forex market to make a profit for you from your deposit in accordance with trading strategies of many experienced traders we have included in it. You will receive daily profits -at least one profit transaction per a day- when Forex market is open for trading until you receive 160% return, then your deposit will expire.

Every day at 23:59:59, our system calculates the interest rate of the day depending on the amount of total profits earned by MATS, and credites each account with a share of that amount in a certain way that ensures all investors get the same interest rate. It means that even if MATS system failed to make profits from trading using your deposits, your account would be credited with an interest rate at the end of the day, because MATS made profits from trading using other investors deposits.


Only one click is required for your profits to be sent instantly to your e-wallet, or you can activate the Automatic Withdrawal System to make MARLIVE system withdraw your profits automatically. Each account is connected to the Automatic Withdrawal System that you can configure to make it place withdrawal orders for you automatically by setting the value of the minimum amount of automatic withdrawal orders depending on your needs. When your balance exceeds that value, a new withdrawal order will be placed automatically and processed instantly.

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