Avengers: Infinity war Movie Review

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Avengers: Infinity war Movie Review

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Watching movies has always been my forte, but writing a movie review is never my strength. For  Avengers: Infinity war, I took a decision to write a blog about it. Let Miss Hillary be the judge, jury and executioner of the movie review. Regardless, I think this would be my first step to writing a quality movie review.

Therefore today’s blog is about Avengers Infinity War, I long for the movie and I got what I wished for!


image source: IMDB

Though I have always been a fan of Marvel movies for Avengers the hype was real. I had huge expectation for marvel infinity wars and they didn’t fail me.

The movie overview

The mad Titan, a villain even feared by the god of thunder himself Thanos together with the black orders intercepted the spaceship with the Surviving Asgardians.

Thanos set out with his Children The black order to collect all the Infinity stones and his first stop was Asgard, Thanos killed Loki while Thor watches.


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Thanos motive is to find and own all six infinity stones in the Marvel Universe. These stones are, Space Stone retrieved from Loki, mind Stone on Vision forehead, the reality stone with The Collector,  the time stone in the protection of Doctor Steven Strange.  The Soul stone in Viemir within the grasp of Red skull but cannot have it.

Thanos after retrieving the space stone from Loki ordered The Black order to by all means necessary bring the mind stone and the time stone from earth. The Stones are with Vision and Doctor Steven Strange respectively.

Meanwhile, when Thanos attacked the ship transporting Thor and the remaining Asgardians back to earth, Hulk was beaten to a pulp and was sent back to earth by Heimdall, where he meets with Wong and Doctor Steven Strange.

While on earth the black order attacked, Strange was captured and in an attempted to free Strange Spider-man was also beam into a Donuts shape ship.


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Luckily for Thor, he was left for dead by Thanos and the black order but rescued by The guardians of the galaxy Thor, Groot and Rocket made their way to where Thor hammer Mjolnir was created. Thor almost lost his life trying to forge a new hammer for himself The storm breaker, but with the help of Groot, Thor had a new hammer.

Back on earth, two members of the black order attacked the Scarlet Witch and Vision only for them to be rescued by Captain America, the Black Widow and Falcon.

Vision was wondered badly and they left for Wakanda to treat vision but was soon attacked by the armies of the black order the children of Thanos the mad  Genocidal Titan.

To retrieve the soul stone in Viemir, a sacrifice is required. Thanos sacrifice Gamora to find the Soul Stone.

A soul for a soul

Thanos made his way to his home planet Titan where he was ambushed by the Avengers, The guardians of the galaxy and the master of the mystiques act-Doctor Steven Strange.

The mad Titan defeated them all,  almost killing Iron-man.  In exchange for Iron-man life’s, Doctor Steven Strange gave the mad titan the time stone in exchange for Iron-man life.

There is no any other way

Thor made his way to Wakanda, by summoning the byfrost and was laying waste the mad Titan armies-of-monsters.

give me Thanos

The Scarlet Witch was almost destroying the mind stone on Vision forehead when Thanos arrived.  She destroyed the stone. With the help of the Time-Stone, the Titan revert time retrieved the Stone from Vision forehead.

Moments later, the titan was stroke by Thor lightning feeling  Thor’s new Axe, The storm breaker

My personal views of avengers infinity wars

Though you will be expecting more from my personal views about avengers infinity wars, am really going to be focused on scenes that are of personal interest.

Heimdall, used his last power to send the Hulk back to earth, was a courageous move that made Thor promised Thanos that he will die for killing Heimdall.


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It is really kinda funny when Star-Lord was trying to mimic Thor's voice soon after been awaken when rescued by the guardians.  Groot bravery in making Thor new axe Storm breaker handle. it was an epic move by Groot, though a simple-minded- living tree.

The tears in the eyes of the mad Titan, menhhh that’s was un-expecting and frankly unimaginable for the made Titan, the destroyer of civilization. It’s factual for the mad titan to have something he cared for. It was totally unexpected for me though!

The heroic moves in Avengers infinity wars

When you speak of heroes, we can say all the marvel actors and villains are heroes in their own way. But then, I would love to point out some heroics moves made by some the actors in Avengers Infinity Wars

Thor the god of thunder

For the record, Thor is among the strongest avengers. Unfortunately, Thor could not go against the Mad Titan without his Hammer. Thor heroic move in Avengers infinity war when he choose to take the full force of the Star, to create his new Axe, with which


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Facing Thanos without that hammer is suicide


Knowing fully well his actions, but choose to save the Hulk and send him back to earth to warn the rest of the Avengers about Thanos impending attack on the planet. That was a heroic move by Heimdall


The tree-like-human form plant, on seeing the near-death-state of Thor, while Etiri was trying to find the axe-handle, Groot Made the handle in order to save the life of Thor.


image source: imdb

Vision & Scarlet Witch


image source: imdb

What a twist, an android is in love. The heroic move here is when vision decided he should be killed by Scarlet- Witch in order to save mankind. Despite being in love with Vision, she had to kill him to save making, unfortunately, her efforts laid waste. Thanos Reverse time and took the mind stone from Vision forehead.

On a final note

I really look forward to Avengers Infinity wars next year, the suspense, and the disappearance of  Winter Soldier, Black Panther, Groot, Scarlet Witch, Falcon, Mantis, Drax, Quil, Doctor Strange, Spider-Man, Maria Hill and Nick Fury, has kept me watching reviews on youtube about Avengers Infinity Wars, though all the reviews could not quench my curiosity.

video credits: Marvel Entertainment  via Youtube 

What do you think will become of Avengers Infinity Wars come 2019 fall? If you haven’t watched, please make a date with the movie in any cinema close to you.




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