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Good day everyone! Welcome to another music blog. Yes, I’m writing again while on the road.(Hehe!) It’s been a long time since I’ve written about Japanese bands and groups. If I could remember I wrote about Ladybeard and his former group Ladybaby, LiSA, and LiSA’s band Ramenz. Today, I am going to introduce a one of a kind group that has taken over Japan and rapidly all over the world.

Before I proceed, may I ask you, are you a fan of heavy metal music?

If I ask this question to myself, my answer will be no. Yes, I’m not a fan of heavy metal but this group I will be featuring makes me want to explore the Metal genre. This, too, is a special blog in celebration of women's month.

Who are they?



Who is Babymetal?

(image source:
Yuimetal, Su-metal and Moametal.

is a Japanese idol and metal group with three female members, Su-metal, Yuimetal, and Moametal. The group started in 2010, and with their unique music style, they easily made their way to fame all over the world. In a span of seven years, they group was able to produce two albums(”Babymetal” and “Metal Resistance”), singles(”Doki Doki Morning”, “Babymetal x Kiba of Akiba”, “Headbanger”, “Ijime, Dame, Zettai”, “Megitsune”, “Road of Resistance”, and “Karate”), and several live albums and music videos. 

The three girls were all former members of the girl group Sakura Gakuin where their group Babymetal originated. All the girls, Sakura Gakuin and Babymetal are all under the talent agency Amuse,Inc.

Official Babymetal accounts: Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube.

Listen to them on Spotify and iTunes.

When Kawaii Merges with Metal 

(image source: BABYMETAL via
Babymetal with their own band, Kami Band.

What makes Babymetal stand out from the rest is their incredible unique music. Who would have thought metal music can go well with a touch of cuteness, or what they call “kawaii”?(Kawaii means cute in Japanese.) Well, only Kobametal himself did.

Kobayashi Kei or more known as “Kobametal”, Babymetal’s producer, is the brain behind this awesome group. He wanted something different and so he tried to combine the kawaii and idol genre with metal.

Babymetal's name obviously symbolizes the girls and their music. "Baby" translates to the girls cute and idol side, whereas "metal" translates to their heavy music. Thus, when combined, becomes “Babymetal”. They also say Babymetal means a new genre of music like a newborn or a baby. In fact, none of the girls knew what heavy metal music is when they started the group but they’ve learned to appreciate and love the metal genre along their journey.

This new genre of music introduced by the group called “Kawaii Metal” is fresh to everyone’s ear. People all over the world are drawn into their music because of their incredible songs, dance and band. Definitely a new flavor to the metal universe! And due to their popularity, similar Japanese groups emerged but failed to surpass the girls. 

Babymetal is also supported by their own metal band whom they call the “Kami band”. “Kami” is the Japanese translation for “God”, which perfectly describes them because of their superb God-like music. During the shows, they wear a white gown and paint their faces in white. Even before the Kami band, the members were already known for being great musicians.

Babymetal Members 

(image source: BABYMETAL via

Nakamoto Suzuka a.k.a. “Su-metal”

Birthdate: December 20, 1997

Nakamoto Suzuka is the lead vocalist of the group. She was born in Hiroshima, Japan. Aside from being a popular singer, Su is also a model. Her career started after winning runner-up at a singing contest from her talent agency Amuse. Suzuka then became part of the girl groups Karen Girl's and Sakura Gakuin, which are all under the agency Amuse as well.

Her career took its biggest leap after being chosen to be the lead vocalist for the group Babymetal. With her powerful voice that surprisingly complements with the heavy metal, she totally took everyone by surprise knowing that most metal singers are men. 

Suzuka is the tallest and oldest among Babymetal members. During performances, she stands in between Yui and Moa.

(image source: BABYMETAL via

Kikuchi Moa a.k.a. “Moametal”
Birthdate: July 04, 1999

Kikuchi Moa does the scream and dance for Babymetal. She is from Nagoya, Japan. This girl with cute dimples on each side of her cheeks started her career at the age of eight when she placed as a runner-up at one of Amuse's contest called Ciao Girl Audition. She became a member of the group Sakura Gakuin and to its sub units Baton Club and Twinklestars. Later on, she became part of Babymetal.

Moametal is also a model. Some of the things she loves are hamburger and anime especially the show Love Live!

During performances, her spot is usually on the left side of Su-metal. She wears her black glove on her left hand.

(image source:

Mizuno Yui a.k.a. “Yuimetal”
Birthdate: June 20, 1999

The same age as Moametal, Mizuno Yui is also responsible for the scream and dance of Babymetal. She is from Kanagawa, Japan. Before she began her career, she is a big fan of Su-metal’s group Karen Girl's. One of her dreams is to become a Karen Girl and somehow it came true when she became a member of the group Sakura Gakuin. She was then grouped to the Baton Club and Twinklestars just like Moa.(The reason why the two girls would often be seen together in Sakura Gakuin videos.)

Yuimetal loves eating tomatoes and her cute fluffy cheeks and smile is her distinctive look.(I love Yui’s cheeks!) One of favorite singers is Ariana Grande.

On stage, she stands on Su-metal’s right and wears her black loves on her right hand. She rarely speaks during interviews abroad, people even joke that she’s meditating.(However, it was cute! I could stare at her the whole interview even when she doesn’t speak. Hehe!)

What is Black Babymetal?

Black Babymetal is a sub-unit of Babymetal with members Yui and Moa. Together, they experiment songs like rapping. Some of the songs of Black Babymetal are "Onedari Daisakusen", "4 no Uta(Song 4)" and Sis. Anger. Obviously, these are the songs wherein Su-metal does not participate.

Dance Choreography 

What makes this act a lot more enjoyable to watch is their amazing dance. This is all thanks to their choreographer Mikiko who is also the choreographer of the famous Japanese trio Perfume.(Babymetal is actually seen by many as the younger version of the group Perfume.) Of course, Mikiko's ideas for Babymetal wouldn't be possible without the two great members, Yui and Moa.

(video source: BABYMETALofficial via
Babymetal on 2013. Yui and Moa looks still looks so tiny on this video. 

Even during the early years of Babymetal, little Yui and Moa already got the moves. They can easily switch from cute dance steps to headbanging. They grab everyone’s attention effortlessly with their unique and energetic dance. These girls are simply the best on stage!

(video source: BABYMETALofficial via
Babymetal singing Road of Resistance on their concert last 2015.

If they looked awesome on music videos, you should see videos of them performing live! For their music videos, please visit the official Youtube of Babymetal. Their latest music video is "Karate". For their live performance, you can easily search them on Youtube too, because a lot of generous fans upload it there. Among my favorites at the moment are their songs Yava! and Meta! Meta Taro.

What Makes Them Unique 

Other than Su-metal’s amazing voice and Yui and Moa’s spectacular moves, there other things that makes the group very distinctive from the rest.

- The Fox God -

(image source: BABYMETAL via
Babymetal wearing a fox mask for their single "Megitsune".

Many may find it strange but Babymetal looks up to a superior entity whom they refer to as the “Fox God”. The Fox or “Kitsune” in Japanese is a special part in Japanese history. The girls mentioned they owe everything they have now to the Fox God. According to them, they get messages from the Fox God through their producer, Kobametal. And whenever asked about the future plans of the group, they would only answer, “Only the Fox God knows!” They celebrate the Fox Day during April 1st.

Babymetal also has a special hand sign to praise the Fox God. It is similar to the rock hand sign, although the middle and ring finger is pointed out while pressed with the thumb. The hand sign represents the shape of a fox’s head.

They use this hand sign anywhere; to their songs, group introduction, photos, or as a special connection to their fans. (Trivia: When they introduce themselves, they add the word “desu” after their name. The "desu" sounded like “death” which adds to their vibe as a kawaii metal group. For example, “Su-metal desu!” / "I’m Su-metal!" sounds like “Su-metal death!”)  

- Frills and Pettiskirts -

(image source: BABYMETAL via
At METROCK 2015.

Which metal band group do you see performing in pettiskirts? Perhaps, only Babymetal? From red or black pettiskirts, black knee-high socks or stockings and black Dr.Marten shoes, their costumes make them really stand out! Those silver dragon scale-like designs of their top are definitely cool too! Going back to pettiskirts, these type of skirt is a common fashion staple in Japan especially on the female idols. Don’t we just love girls with fluffy skirts swaying and bouncing cutely to their moves? And before I forget, the frills on their sleeves and hair accessories, plus the peplum style top completes the cute fashion of the girls!
(Trivia: Speaking of their hair, Su-metal’s hair is ponytailed, while Yui and Moa’s hair are curled in twintail style. Of course, what completes their cute hairstyle is their bangs!) 

I remember an acquaintance of mine told me that Babymetal's outfit is weird and not nice at all. I guess some people are not very open-minded to appreciate things they don't usually see and would rather stick to the norm and what society imposes about what fashion should be.(Ah! Enough ranting Katsanslimites!)

Is Babymetal Illuminati?

(image source: BABYMETAL via
The girls wearing a black veil and crown.

I am doubtful of including this in my post but I thought I shouldn’t be so biased with this group. I like their music but there are things that makes me creep out with this group. A lot of people have been pointing out things which they believe are a clear sign that the group is illuminati—worshipers of Satan.

First is the fox sign or kitsune sign. Well, we all know about that rock sign represents the horns of the devil. Second, their photos wherein they wear an all black cape or dress with a headdress that looks like horns. Third, the shape of their stage during concerts which were like coffin or a cross. Fourth, Su-metal being crucified at a cross on some of their big concerts in Japan.(I honestly hate this scene but I still love Su-metal.) Fifth, the triangle thing at the beginning of their Road of Resistance song. Well, I don’t know if the twintail hair of Yui and Moa counts as satanic because it can resemble the horns too!

These things give me goosebumps every time, especially when they mention the Fox God. However, other fans defend the group and tell it was just part of the act. Well, who knows, right? For me, I love their songs but I think this inseparable issue about them is what hinders me to love them fully.

Popularity Around the World 

(image source: BABYMETAL via
Babymetal in Chicago, U.S.A.

Even none of you here on bitLanders knew about this group, these girls had already pretty built their reputation abroad especially in United States and United Kingdom. Of course, Japan is a given. They had been an opening act to some known artists like Lady Gaga, Guns N’ Roses, and their favorite band Metallica. This coming April, they will be an opening act of Red Hot Chili Peppers and with Korn in June.(Here's a video of Lady Gaga watching Babymetal.) 

They had also been performing to large music festivals like the Download Festival in United Kingdom and Sonisphere Festival. Babymetal had also appeared to several popular magazines abroad like the "Metal Hammer" and "Kerrang!". They never fail to catch the spotlight! The girls also had a chance to perform with the metal God Rob Halford of Judas Priest at the Alternative Press Music Awards last July 18, 2016.(Video of Rob Halford with Babymetal HERE!)

Babymetal has been receiving recognition and awards everywhere but fame isn't always rainbows. There will be people who are going to dislike and some will make you feel unpleasant. Just like what Benji Webbe of Skindred did while Babymetal was on stage receiving there award as the Best Live Band in Kerrang! Awards 2016. (Video of Babymetal on Kerrang! Awards) Anyway, last January 2017, Babymetal received five awards in the 6th Annual Loudwire Music Awards. For a list of their awards, follow this LINK.

There are people who hate their music but there are a lot more people who loves them. Maybe some just don't appreciate a song with different language.(I recall way back in high school, my teacher asked the class what is the first thing in a song that catches people? The music or the lyrics? I now understand why I was wrong when I answered lyrics back then. It's the music that initially makes a person interested with the song. Honestly, I barely understand Japanese songs but I enjoy listening to them more than the English songs!)

Babymetal Continues to Make History!

Through the constant love of everyone, Babymetal was able to reach out outside Japan and going as far as breaking the history!

▲ They were the youngest act to perform in the famous Nippon Budokan.
▲ The first Japanese artist to hold a main act in the Wembley Arena in United Kingdom.
▲ Their second album "Metal Resistance" reached no.15 in the U.K. Official Albums Chart and landing at the 39th spot in the U.S. Billboard Charts. They are the first Japanese artist to make it through the top 40 of the U.S. Billboard Charts in more than 50 years!

If these girls are popular in U.S. and U.K., just imagine how they fare in Asia. Well, I leave that to your imagination! Though I will say they have a VERY huge fan base in Japan. Their concert ticket and merchandise easily run out! Last December, Babymetal even had a two-day sold out concert at one of the biggest stadiums in Japan, the Tokyo Dome. The two-day concert has a theme for each, they called it “Black Night” and “Red Night”.

How I Discovered Babymetal

I first saw Babymetal at a television channel called Animax last 2013. During that time, the channel plays their song “Doki Doki Morning” which, to be honest, had not captured my interest.(Lol!) The video looks weird and I’m still not very into Japanese music that time. This was my first encounter with the group. I only gained interest to Babymetal when I watched a portion of them live performing the song “Ijime, Dame, Zettai” last 2015. Then I knew I am going to love them even more after seeing “Megitsune” and “Road of Resistance”

I Am Waiting!

(image source: Melanie Smith via
Babymetal doing a salute in their song Meta! Meta Taro.

Babymetal had been performing to different several places around the world and as a fan, I am hoping they come visit Philippines someday too. I know I am not the only one waiting for these girls to set foot in our country. I can’t wait to see them live and cheer along with the Filipino fans! I’m sure it will be a lot of fun! 

They’ve been always performing in United States and United Kingdom. It makes us Asian fans jealous! I wish they also make time for an Asian tour. Although for sure, none of them know when it’s going to happen because “only the Fox God knows!”

For making it to the last part of my blog post, I am sure you are a music fan! Why not take this little survey about your favorite singer?

Thanks for reading!

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