Back Benchers :D

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Back Benchers

The students who occupied the backbench seats in a classroom of any school, colleges or universities are known as backbenchers.

  • Most of the backbenchers reserve their seats so that they can have fun instead paying attention on their studies.
  • They hate to work hard.
  • Life is just for fun for them.
  • Most of the backbenchers are in the classroom just to hoot the other students.
  • They just know the way of how to make fun of other students.
  • Most of them even don’t respect their teachers.
  • They behave rudely with their teachers and seniors.
  • They feel proud when they expelled from colleges or universities just because of their weird behavior.
  • They consider their class nothing but a bar, or a disco or any entertainment place.
  • Because most of the time they just sing songs, dance, and do parties in the classroom.
  • Just because of their ridiculous behavior, the bright students of the class get annoyed and don’t able to pay attention on their studies.
  • In future the backbencher students just feel bad for themselves for not paying attention on their studies.
  • Because they have no experienced of working and doing jobs and they sit idle at their homes.
  • But then it’s no use cry over split milk.

We all should give first priority to our studies and then our priority should be the entertainment. Otherwise we have to face hurdles in our life in future. 

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