Back to School: Filipino Expressions vs American Expressions

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Filipino Expressions vs American Expressions

  1. Rubber shoesSneakers

  2. Slippers Flip-flops

  3. CarMini van

  4. Officemate Co-worker

  5. Push throughCancel on

  6. CRrestroom, toilet, powder room

  7. Take out to go

  8. Fast foodRestaurant

  9. AirconAir conditioner

  10. ParlorSalon

  11. For a whileplease hold

  12. Go up/down get off/on

  13. Fetch me pick me up; come and get me

  14. Mortgage on your carloan on your car

  15. Batchclass, group

  16. I’ll go ahead Goodbye. I’ll see you later.

  17. Avail of take advantage of

  18. Reffridge

  19. Free sizeone size fits all

  20. Bottomless refillable

  21. Fall in linestand in line

  22. RoutinaryRoutine


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