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Idiomatic phrases group of words that do not mean what they appear to mean.

Formal Phrases – used in formal conversation

  1. A-1 – first class; superior in quality

  2. At someone’s service – ready to help someone

  3. All systems go – everything is ready

  4. At worst – under the most difficult situation

  5. Catch 22 – a no win dilemma

  6. Facts of life – knowledge about sexual reproduction

  7. Fair game – to ridicule; a legitimate target to attack

  8. Fall guy – a scapegoat; easy to take advantage of

  9. Touch base – make contact or renew information

  10. From the horse’s mouth – from a reliable horse

  11. Drive someone at the wall – annoy to destruction

  12. Bend over backwards – exert one’s effort to the fullest

  13. Turn over a new leaf – make a fresh start; change conduct for the better

  14. John Hancock – signature


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