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While many Afghan citizens are excited about the current progress in the country and potential for the future, just as many are also concerned about what the future holds. This is because NATO forces and the U.S. Military announced 2014 would be the end of major military involvement. When the Afghanistan War begin in 2001, constant violence became just as normal as putting shoes on everyday. Whether it was sniper attacks, suicide bombings, rocket attacks, kidnappings, poisonings, or executions each day brought the expected unexpected. Civilians across Afghanistan were killed in high numbers weekly, both intentionally and accidentally.

The last couple of year’s significant improvements came about in terms of contained violence in Afghanistan, when NATO military members successfully trained Afghan men to handle security issues as military personnel and police officers throughout the country. The training allowed Afghans to handle various security matters without assistance from NATO. This type of success among other things led to the announcement of the 2014 withdrawal date. In addition to the situation on the ground improving, education in Afghanistan also vastly improved. Schools in the country have been rebuilt, renovated, and provided with better curriculum. Some school classrooms have even gained full access to the internet.

Though the overall standing of Afghanistan made a change for the better, the country is still not perfect and continues to have an uncertain future past 2014 once NATO completes a significant troop drawdown. Some Afghans fear that without a strong coalition presence the Taliban will be go back to their old ways and gain control of the country once again. One reason that gives Afghan citizens this type of feeling is recently 14 Afghan police officers surprisingly joined the Taliban. The period of time from 1996-2001 saw the Taliban run everything from the government to the topics covered inside the classroom. Then once the U.S. and NATO military coalition entered Afghanistan, things in the country begin to change for the better. After the coalition leaves, will things make a turn for the worse? 

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